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Project Pan 2019

Latest Update:  7 May 2019

Make up:

Face Products

* No7 Calico foundation sample
* No7 Warm Ivory foundation sample
* No7 Instant Radiance Concealer
* Body Shop all in one face base
* Gosh CC foundation (1)
* Majolica Majorca light pink eyeshadow as a highlighter (also work on other 2 shades on eyes)
* Work on Too Faced palette blusher


* 2true brown mascara
* 2true storm mascara
* 2true clear mascara no. 1
* 2true clear mascara no. 2
* Keep working on Bourjois dark eyeshadow as brow colour


* Bourjois Framboise Imaginaire
* Bourjois Lilas Sortilège
* Za sheer magenta
* No7 Cameo
* Bourjois Sangria
* 17 Twilight Teaser

Liquid lip colours 

* Too Faced raspberry palette colour
* Bourjois soft red Effet 3D
* Bourjois purple Effet 3D
* Estée Lauder lilac
* Estée Lauder plum

Lip glosses

* Miss Sporty red gloss
* Missha lilac gloss
* Gosh purple gloss
* 17 Endless Shine nude pink gloss
* Max Factor orange
* No7 beige


* YR Nature solid
* YR Ming Shu solid
* CTG Elder

Toiletries, Skin and Haircare

* Body Shop Fuji Green Tea body butter
* Body Shop foot cream
* Ma's Bars foot cream
* Body Shop Shea body butter
* Boots Extracts Almond body butter mini
* Boots Extracts Almond shower gel mini
* Boots mint shower gel
* Boots lime shower gel
* Boots Extracts Almond body butter
* Body Shop Satsuma lip balm
* Body Shop Glazed Apple lip balm (1)
* Body Shop Peach body butter
* Body Shop Peach shower gel (1)
* Body Shop Peach shower gel (2)
* Body Shop Peach shower gel (3)
* Body Shop Peach body scrub
* Baby shampoo
* Asda conditioner
* Nizoral shampoo
* Lush Superbalm
* Superdrug body scrub

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2019

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