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Monday, 9 January 2017

Make-up Inventory and Project Pan 2017

It's that time of year again, albeit a week late.  What's a week in the aeons of time it takes me to use up any cosmetic item?!

Inventory up first:

* Eyeshadows - 61.  I've bought none, used none up, sold 3 on eBay and have still got one on one side to give away, so I'm assuming that I had 5 on one side for the last count of 60 and took one back.  Actually, I need to use shadow more, I rarely bother these days.  I could cut down to 40-45 without much bother.

* Lipsticks - 8, with 3 on one side to give away.  I also sold my Chanel one and used one up over the year.

* Liquid lipsticks and palette colours (with more pigment than gloss has) - 13.  I've used 4 up over the year, sold none and bought none, but seem to be having recurring counting and classification problems!!

* Lip glosses - 18.  2 used up during the year and 2 very close to being finished (although one's vanished, so that may come off the list soon).  Bought, sold and gave away none.

* Blusher - 8.  I sold one and am still plugging away at the two seen below.  I can't seem to use them up to save my life.  Perhaps it's good that my life doesn't depend on it, huh?  At least I've bought none and not got any old ones back as I had by last January's inventory.

* Foundations - 1. I've used 2 up since the beginning of last year and just have one all-in-one compact left now.

* Powder - 1.  I sold the loose powder I had in stock as it was unopened and I realised that I wasn't going to use it.  I'm now working away at one I bought when I was about 16!!

* CC products - 3.  A new  category.  I realised that I don't really need foundation, concealer, powder etc that much anymore, but just a tiny bit of CC cream mixed with some moisturiser and that's it.  I have quite a bit left in my original Bourjois one, but as it's not cruelty-free. I won't be buying it again, so I found a GOSH product (which is now discontinued) on-line and got a sample of No7's version.  I'm using this latter up and won't be buying it as it's far too dark for me.  Fake tan look, yack!

Primers - 2. I'm using up the e.l.f. one (which is hopeless as an eyeshadow primer for me) as an around the eye concealer - which I don't really need much, but it uses it up.  I got a small sized Shadow Insurance as that's the only product that ever worked much for me.  Generally, I find primers a waste of time.  If you have very oily eyelids, nothing, but nothing will make your shadow last all day.  You'll always have to re-touch and keep a watch out for creasing, but a decent primer will help a bit at least.  Most are rubbish though....

Perfumes - 18.  I actually sold 3 on eBay then found out that I can't post them as they're no longer in their original packaging and had to cancel the order.  Well, I can send one of them, we'll see what the buyer thinks.  I bought 6 earlier this year as the product was going off the market and mum gave me 5 - including the 3 I tried to sell.  I've used 4 altogether this year and put 1 more in a charity bag.  I gave up on it, not being that excited by the scent and also the fact that I've become rather sensitive to perfume of late - hormone wackiness.

So totals are:  6 items sold, 1 given away, 12 used up, 6 given to me (inc one sample), 11 bought - including 3 mascaras which aren't on this list as I finished the downscale on those.

So, that's it for that section.  Now then, the results of last year's project pan coming up.

This is the photo I took a year ago.

There were 3 'columns' here.  The stuff on the left I expected to finish up, that in the middle to make serious inroads into with a view to finishing up and the lot on the right was to be worked on.

Here's the result:

Not tremendously inspiring!  I still have that old mascara (even wearing it now to try and finish it off), and 2 lippies are still on the go - hardly touched them in fact.  4 palette lippies are gone and 7 more substantially decreased, and I sold the powder.  There's been good progress on base products, but the most 'progress' on the pink blusher was parts of it breaking off!

This year's Project Pan spread actually looks much the same:

5 of these I expect to finish this month, so let's hope 2017 sees me clearing more make-up out than 2016 did.  I saw one Project Panner Instagram quite a row of lipsticks to use up this year.  I'm less optimistic, but I'll be doing my best.

To be honest, it's books and craft things that are a bigger problem for me in terms of amounts of stuff, so I'd better get away from the screen and back to my science and language books. ☺

In the meantime, having just finished watching this weekend's episode of Sherlock, anyone else think the sister may be the central part of Moriarty's big posthumous game??

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Rachel said...

Like you, it's not make up that is my problem, so much as the fabric and threads. But if I were to wear makeup a bit more often I would use up what I have more swiftly!

ClaireRosa said...

I just have too much fabrics, threads, paints, makeup- everything! I have been trying project pan this year too so fingers crossed!