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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Blog Make-Over Complete

I'm happy to announce that I've finalised the re-vamp on this blog - yay!  It's not a deep make-over as I'm still using the same basic layout, template and features, but I've changed the name, font, text colour scheme and the header photo, and also done some work on the pages, so it does look somewhat different these days.

Here's the why of the changes:

Name:  I wanted something shorter and that I could use across all the platforms that are linked to this blog, such as the Google+ page, my YouTube channel (which I haven't put any videos on yet and may never do) and the Instagram account.  I've changed it on all of those too, so it's now standardized.  I'm considering changing the URL to match too, but there is already a 'simplelizzie' on Blogger (albeit never really used), so I need to be careful about decisions there.  Think I'll leave that one for a while yet.

The name has two meanings:  1) I want to simplify my life, especially materially, so having the concept of simplicity being in the name was appealing, and 2) carrying on the old idea of people often thinking I'm rather less than I am, appearing to be 'simple'!!!  (Very few people actually call me Lizzie, BTW.)

Font and text colour:  It's nice to have a change and I felt the pinks and pinky purples went well with the girlie airhead idea.  I do actually wear a lot of both these colours too. ☺

Header photo:  The old one was massively out of date.  I'd taken it over in Taiwan back in May 2010 and I don't even own a lot of the stuff in that old shot anymore!  The current photo is a collection of selected items from my '2017 Goals' list and I plan on updating it annually to reflect what I hope to accomplish during the year ahead.  This year's has a lot of books to read and study up, a fair few needlecraft projects to complete - including a Show trophy/plate that I want to win more of and a miniature chaise longue representing trying to get an Etsy store going - and even some of the make up I want to use up.

Pages:  Again, some were horribly out of date and/or irrelevant now.  I also finally bit the bullet and deleted all the older ones that I'd had not showing on blog, but were still on my dashboard.  I don't need goals lists from 5 or 6 years ago, even though it was fun to see how much I'd done of them since.  I thought of making a Word file of them and keeping them to refer back to, but, really, what IS the point? I also dumped old general goals lists and my big, old use-up list and replaced them with relevant ones.

Now, all but one of the pages are showing (just not the book inventory one, which is also out of date and can't be updated until I unpack the 3 remaining boxes, but still helpful), and they're all about this year and current interests.  New additions are a 'Current Month' one for keeping tabs on my monthly goals progress and a shopping/decluttering page called 'Ins and Outs 2017', which will be a merged version of the annual shopping inventory and clear out posts, complete with a balance (up or down) for each section.  I'm going to be putting everything except kitchen and toilet consumables on there - food, toilet paper, kitchen foil, bin bags, tissues etc.  I'm interested to see how much I actually use in a year as well as trying to keep cutting personal items down.

The next digital projects are for Sew In Love, which has got shamefully neglected of late.  I have 6 projects to write post series about, plus a revamp to consider there too.  I'm not sure what to change beyond maybe a colour change and a new header image when I find either something I can make a suitable photo collage with, or enough projects to photograph together.  I've spent a lot of time on that blog before, so there's not much more I can do without seriously over-hauling the whole layout and I'm not sure I'm up for that.  We'll see.  It's not exactly as if I'm stuck for things to do.

Having said which, I'm going to go and get on with some of those things, starting with a list of stuff to do this week.  Lists keep me on track and stop me a) wasting all my time (I just waste some of it instead), and b) completely forgetting what I wanted/needed to do.  Hormones.  Seriously, The Change has made me closer to being an airhead than I'm comfortable being! Thankfully, it's temporary.

And now, to work!  Or maybe a short nap???!! ☺

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Rachel said...

A pretty thorough overhaul, for sure. Maybe a nap and _then_ to work?