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Sunday, 18 December 2016

December's To Do list

I seriously *need* to get back into making regular goals lists and having them to hand. I haven't done that at all since I've been back in my hometown and I really haven't been productive in most areas of life. Needlework has been good, but book work? Terrible!  Except the creative section, I've had to copy almost the whole of my 2016 goal list into the new one for next year....

So, here goes with all I want to do over the next 2 weeks:

* Make up Xiaoqin's sampler hanging
* Mount cat-a-cello
* Finish 'oriental dress' card
* Finish blue premature baby cardy knit
* Trial double stocking stitch
* Finish the violets thread painting
* List old winter tyres on EBay
* Take charity shop bags to Oxfam etc
* Deal with box recycling here and at mum's
* Finish "Rapid Literacy in Chinese"
* Finish 'Teach Yourself German'
* Finish all reading mags in my drawer
* DS book 3 - finish chapters 3 & 4
* Finish Part 2 of 'The China Dream'
* Finish chapter 4 of 'In Other Words' and start chapter 5
* Read chapters 5, 6 & 7 of 'Color'
* Finish NRSV 2 Kings and crack on with 1 Chronicles

And I think that will do. Starting tomorrow!

Actually, no. Starting tonight! :)


Rachel said...

Getting the charity shop stuff out can be interesting. I'm somewhat delayed by wanted to accumulate a nice collection including furniture for one of the local charities - but we've yet to empty the cupboard in question!

Glenis Pickering said...

My last Monthly List was dated January 1st 2016. Then it all went wrong. You've just motivated me to edit it to January 2017 - we'll see how far it gets :-)
I got rid of 3 boxes of charity shop stuff last week - the manageress called in for a coffee and took them away with her!