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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Shopping Inventory 2016

Here it is, everything I bought over the last year that wasn't a regular need, so no food and basic personal care stuff. This post was accidentally published 7 weeks too early, but is complete for the year now.

* Books
Physical, print books: zero bought, but 1 obtained for free
Kindle books: 14 (including one collection).
As the object is always primarily to reduce stuff, Kindle books don't really count. ;)
Made good use of the local library system.
Second year of book no buy successfully completed - yay! ☺☺☺

* Cosmetic Items
3 mascaras when old ones ran out/went yacky - one black, two clear (one used up, one in use).
2 eyeshadow primers, one of which I then resold on eBay.
1 CC cream/foundation
I also bought 6 perfumery items which were going off the market, and was given 5 by my mum, 3 of which are currently on eBay!

* Art Materials
Zero, (unless you count the cheap pair of compasses I got to help me draw circles for a design).

* Needlework Supplies  (changed from 'Embroidery Supplies' to include other types of work)
Broken down into categories as follow:
1 x 100g ball of white DK to complete a project (and plan to use more of in others, probably next year now), 1 x 50g ball of white, 2 x 50g balls of cream and 1 x 50g of light apple green Snuggly DK. 1 x 100g ball lavender blue cotton DK for imminent baby knits (one blue cardy already knit up)
1 x 100g ball of bright pink bamboo soft yarn to make a scarf for me (in progress).
1 x bargain fat quarter of white 55ct Edinburgh linen for use for miniatures.
1m white polycotton and 1m narrow elastic to make an underskirt (done)
2 x silk theme packs (5 pieces of 10"x10" in each) from the Silk Route and one piece of pewter silk jacquard
2 x pieces of metal organza in aqua blue and light jade green
1m x 45cm piece of bondaweb/vliesofix as I'd used all but a 4"x5" piece of my supply up
6 4" squares of goldwork leather in various colours
2 reels of sewing cotton: cream for use as a thin embroidery thread for miniature and bright pink to alter a skirt.
1 reel of Madeira silver machine thread
2 packs of Madeira Silk in ecru (used half of one)
1 reel of bright pink machine rayon thread
14 buttons for immediate use on 3 baby cardigans
4 zips used for scatter cushion covers, 3 used so far
3 packs of decorative buttons
5 packs of small sequins
1 hanger for a bellpull type project (used)
1 large wheelbarrow button
5 packs of specialist needles
4 yellow flower trims and one snowflake
1 small bottle of craft glue

(I went shopping a bit at the Harrogate Show this year!! ♥☺)

* Clothes etc:
2 pairs of pyjamas
3 x 5 packs of cotton knickers
2 x pairs of specialist 'problem foot' shoes - ooouch, pricey! (And terribly uncomfy too, waaah, pain!)

* Miscellaneous  8" Acer tablet computer, which I use a lot.
Miniatures: a single bed, a chaise longue, a carver chair, a sideboard, a bedside cabinet, 3 small tables, 2 pieces of carpet and some trimmings (a lamp, set of 2 candlesticks, clock and pewter platter) - all to be used as models for future miniature embroideries sales and many serving as ornaments in the meantime.

What about the year coming up?  Well, I think I'm going to continue inventorizing what I buy, maybe even extending it to all personal care stuff out of a curiosity to see how much I use in a year.  I still need some new clothes and my poor feet need help, fast!  Also, I want to carry on clearing out a lot more than I take in.

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2016

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