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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Book Inventory update.

Yay! I made it to below 500 books! Can you believe it? I'm not sure I can and am afraid of finding out that I miscounted and skipped back a hundred somewhere...  But no, I do seriously think it's for real.

I started out with a count of 1119 back when I first created an inventory before the book cull began. That included a few dozen that I considered my hubby's books (probably about 50 or even more) and around 150 that I felt were shared (journal bound volumes and about 70 or more Chinese textbooks! ). When I recounted yesterday there were more or less 490.

The total of 490 doesn't include any books that have been separated out to be given away, just the ones to keep for now. It also doesn't include 6 or 7 map books and several dozen travel and attraction guidebooks as they are almost all bought by my husband and so I have decided that, as he won't agree to getting rid of them, he'll have to take sole responsibility for them. The total also excludes about 20 A4 sized music learning booklets, but I realized that I never actually included them in the initial count. I've added most of them to the Read Up page along with a number of art and embroidery/textile titles that I want to finish with.

My Read Up page (old and now replaced) now consists of about 230 entries and I've put a timescale to it - October 2021 when I turn 50!! That list was originally created in early February this year and I've completed 32 of the books already (one finished just this morning -hurrah!) with 9 more in progress and 5 that are part done, but that I'm not on with just now. That means that I'll need to complete an average of 2.8 books per month in order to polish off the whole lot and get my book collection down to around 300.

Is that a feasible goal? Could be. Some books I really only need to take a few notes from and I'm finished with and some others are just general reading or quick to study/revise. Others, however, will need more time and brain power, or are long reads such as a few Bible translations. The Bible's a great read, but it's a bit too intense to read through like a novel!  Having said that, I'll be working on as many as 10 books at any one time (9 just now), so, mathematically speaking,  I could work through that sort of pile over 3 months each time and be home and dry by 49!! There are a LOT of language learning textbooks in my collection and a fair few science texts too, which'll take time and brain...

Some of the arts titles are going to be trickier to estimate timewise as, whilst I can read stuff like Helen M Stevens' inspiration titles and Betty Edwards' "Color" relatively freely, a number of the others require me to work through painting and stitching skills.

So, it's a challenge, but I'm up for it!

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Rachel said...

You might also find that some of them demand a second read, or even promotion to the "Keep" list.... *creeps away apologetically*