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Monday, 10 August 2015

Looking forward to 'World's End' series two!

This is SOOOO unlike me as we don't even have a TV and I just watch the occasional thing on the iPlayer - usually the BBC one.  However, I've really enjoyed a couple of series on CBBC (Children's BBC) recently, especially an intriguing teenage sci-fi called 'World's End'.

As most readers here won't have watched it (but do, if you see it available on the iPlayer and you can watch that where you live - or it comes on your local kid's TV service), the following will make zero sense to most.  However, I wanted to write this post as the BBC website won't allow me to comment on the CBBC site - I'm too old!!!

Anyway, here are my thoughts on some of the yet unanswered questions and mysteries left over from series 1 that should be addressed in series 2:

- That stone circle in the hidden cave is a sort of wormhole where two versions/parallel worlds meet.  Thus the 'same worlds meet' code.  At certain times, transport between these is possible.  That will be where the missing people disappeared and the 'prophets' who foresaw the asteroid came through.

- Yup, Lexy is definitely a clobot and fully clobot, not half-human.  There are clues on this right from the very first episode where Lena says she's already holding Cat responsible for everything.  Why else would she do that if she wasn't resentful at Cat being left behind when Lexy disappeared in the cave along with Cat's parents?  Why take the clobot Alexa to replace the real Lexy?  Well, the whole operation at World's End castle is top secret and letting anyone know about Lexy's disappearance would put their operation at risk.  Lena had to hush it up and take Alexa to pose as her daughter indefinitely.  This is the memory dream that Lexy tells Cat about - her being removed from the Secret Zone.  As well as being painfully aware that Alexa is not her real daughter, Lena also thinks that clobots have no rights or feelings.  Therefore she is both inhuman to her and completely unconcerned about her being hurt should the real Lexy show back up at some point.

- Lexy (and the other clobots) are not made of mirror matter as one commenter suggested.  If she were, we wouldn't be able to see her.  Remember the scientists explaining that mirror matter was invisible to the naked eye and having to run special tests to detect it??  I think Lexy's face may have melted owing to all the cosmetics she's been using over the years weakening the synthetic cells she's made of which then broke down when combined with tears (which would be relatively unusual given Lexy's former unpleasant nature and her not having normal parents around to compare Lena's horrible treatment of her with).  There really is some awful muck in most skincare and make-up, (parrafin and other petrochemicals for a start!) so it wouldn't surprise me that her 'skin' integrity gave up.  It'll be interesting to see how the script writers explain that one.

- I'm expecting that, during series 2, the wormhole in the cave will reveal its secrets and all the missing people will reappear, including Alice and Henry Carter who disappeared there in the 60's, although it is possible that some of those who disappeared may have made lives in the other world and prefer to stay there.  The teenagers will go looking for the clobots to tell them the Earth is safe and, at some point, will go back into the cave and discover the necklace Caitlin dropped there when she was transported through the wormhole.  That will spark off a more intensive exploration into the cave phenomena and, no doubt against the advice of their various parents, the teens will get to the truth of the matter.  (Parents and other adults are usually portrayed as stupid and/or untrustworthy in kids' shows - a really helpful idea for them to grow up with - NOT!)

- No, Casey won't be back.  His rocket was blown to bits when it hit the asteroid, so there's no way he both survived and got back to Earth safely.

- Some of the kids on the CBBC site and YouTube talked about the characters' relationships etc.  Well, Gaia and Gregor are a cert of course, but I feel uncertain that Cat would really want to get fully involved with a clobot.  She may be quite happy to accept them as her sister and/or friend, but not as a boyfriend.  My guess is that she'll go for Luke in the long run and that this will cause more friction between him and Noah.  Other than AJ having fun and games explaining himself to Mackenzie, (which, given her passion for all things weird and wonderful, I expect he'll be able to do in the end), I don't see any other romances.  Oh yes I do.  I can see Stephanie and Duncan getting back together and the Morelles becoming a real family, including Duncan accepting Noah to a degree.  He has too much history with clobots to accept him fully, but, as they all know the truth now, it won't matter as much as when Noah thought Duncan was his dad and couldn't see why he was rejected on sight.  I also think that Lena will become somewhat more human during series 2, especially when the truth about the disappearance of her real daughter comes out.

Other than that, (and to say that I'm horrified at some of the terrible spelling of many of the youngsters who commented - the more I read on-line comments, the more I  understand why there's been so much outcry about education and literacy standards on both sides of the Pond), that's it and I hope that 'World's End' series 2 is aired next month, which may be possible as a treat from the BBC to gild the September return to school pill.  Here's hoping.....  I understand series 2 has already been filmed from the comments of one viewer who actually e-mailed the BBC about it.  I'm assuming that, given the international nature of the cast and the use of a place like Bamburgh Castle as a filming location, they'll have done the whole thing in one go.

I also hope it stays purely sci-fi and doesn't get genuinely occult.  It did look a bit 'weird' from some stuff in the first few episodes and, left to my own devices, I probably wouldn't have completed the series after about part 6 where Gaia moved away from looking at herself in a mirror, but another version appeared in it, but I discovered the series just after its first showing finished and so I was able to check on the website synopsis that it was OK.  On principle, I won't touch anything occult or the witches, wizards and fairies sort of fantasy with a barge pole.  Which means a whole load of otherwise popular shows are not of interest to me.

Update: Looks like the show has been cancelled. Despite a replay in autumn 2016 and a reappearance in the CBBC Shows page, it's long gone again and it looks like we'll have to give this one up as a bad job. Pity! :(

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Rachel said...

Every now and again, kids tv is more fun than the adult version. The BBC also did a series about Leonardo da Vinci as a teenager which was better than we expected....

However, I daren't look now, I've a day of proof-reading ahead of me!

Anonymous said...

It should be coming out sometime this year, the wait is too long

Callys Thoughts said...

I watched this show with my daughter. It was addictive as we were watching it on catch up. Even my husband secretly watched it with us. Looking forward to Series 2.

Anonymous said...

I loved series 1 of worlds end, when is series 2 coming on our screens?

Craig Taylor said...

The BBC have readdded World's End to the CBBC Shows page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/shows/worlds-end

I don't know why they can't just have categories for New Shows and Old Shows as CBBC has made tons of hit shows that kids and adults would love to watch eg. The Sarah Jane Adventures. I maybe going off topic here but another great CBBC show called Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow might come back for a one-off special which is great as it shows CBBC are caring more about their older shows. Link to Tweet on Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow One-Off Special Announcement: https://twitter.com/SteveRyde/status/740115592146001920

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is going to be another series. It has been a while since the first series came out.😢

Elizabeth Braun said...

I agree! It's been pulled, it seems. Such a shame as it was a fab story and one that had no occult in it - for a refreshing change!

Elizabeth Braun said...

They did whilst it was rerunning in the autumn, but it's been removed again now. :(

Jessika Brown said...

Hi, I absolutely love World's End and hope more than anything it hasn't been pulled. However, I have seen something that makes me hopeful of a new series.

@GayScottsBoy asks on Twitter 30th July "@CarlosEsparza26 will there be a second series?"

Carlos (one of the twins) replies "@gayscottsboy it's in the works 😉"

The tweet is still there so I can only assume series two is coming.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Hi Jessika! I wonder if that comment was from July 2015 when it seems there were plans for a second season (someone contacted the Beeb and was told that it had been written). TBH, I see no reason to hope at the mo. I've just given up on it.

Jessika Brown said...

I was on the mobile twitter site so for all I know that could have been July 2015, but I am beginning to think it has been pulled, which is a terrible shame. The only think I can do is write a novel similar to it as a way of coping with its loss. The thing is if you look online it should say if it's been pulled or not. I will have a look, but it looks like it won't be back

Geronimo Productions said...

It's weird though, they repeated it quite recently. You would think if they were no longer making it, they wouldn't repeat it, like The Sarah Jane Adventures. Either way I hope there's a series two, though it's not looking good :(

Emily Barrow said...

I hope there's a series two there were so many unanswered questions it doesn't seem likely though :(

Anonymous said...

This perticular TV series struck me as rather odd given that the only people I know who are fans of it are either teenagers or grown up. (This was not the audience CBBC was obviously going for.) I would personally love to see a second series, if only to explain the many cliffhangers, but it is looking far more unlikely with the passing of time.
I can however shed some light on weather or not the second season was filmed. Given that the first series was filmed mainly at Bamburgh castle in Northumberland I decided to ask some of the staff there weather or not this perticular film crew had been back since the filming of the first series back in 2013/14. The answer, I was assured was no. The friendly man, who had worked on the grounds as a general caretaker for over ten years, said that the CBBC production companys has not been to Bamburgh since 2015. He also told me that if they had he would definitely know about it.
This could mean one of three things; either that they did film the second series at the same time as the first and it has been dropped since, that they did not use the castle as a set for the second series or (the more likely) that the second series was never filmed. What is everyone’s opinion on this?

Elizabeth Braun said...

As I understand it, both seasons were written, but only one filmed. The Beeb often dump shows that they've had written and it's also often stuff people have enjoyed. Plenty of violent junk full of bad language available, but no room for something genuinely good! :(