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Monday, 23 February 2015

Working on my study

Update report on the clearing up of my study today. :)

The top photo is one I posted a week or so ago showing the horrible state of the corner shelves in my study.  Well, they've improved quite a bit since then as I've dealt with a lot of the books, flashcards, tapes and CDs on there.  The top shelf looks a lot better now and has shed 30-35% of it's contents so far.  The tapes you can still see there are to be 'used up' and either given away (the TY French and Chinese ones), or added to the huge parcel of cassette, video and CD recycling I'll be sending to EMS in a couple of months' time, once the piles are finalised.  Virtually all the CDs up there have been dealt with (or are in the process) one way or another.  Some I've just got rid of the boxes and put them in the storage case I've had for years.

Before we move, I'll also be relocating the contents of the white drawers into the wooden stationery storage drawers and/or the large drawers under the thread storage.  I'll also be slimming down the greetings card blanks in the two white boxes on the right of the white drawers, keeping some elsewhere and losing the boxes.  There's a bag with larger card blanks and envelopes between the boxes and drawers too, which needs sorting and dealing with as necessary.  Soooo much is going! YAY!

I've also cleared off the hidden part of the shelf behind the thread storage.  HURRAH!  Just something I need for fabric dyeing left on there now, some powder or other.

This is the next area that needs attention - the basket and portfolios under those shelves.

The three black bags will all stay as they're all used, but some of the contents of the basket-bag (embroidery hoops, frames and flexi-frames etc) will go, as well as the basket-bag itself.  The third of the large clear plastic drawers is to be mucked out too and hoops etc to move into there.

I'll probably keep the purple portfolio folder thingy, but will use it to store my art papers, which are currently in two separate places in a mess and need both reducing and tidying up.

I also cleared the papers, old diaries and various bits of junk off one of my other bookcase shelves, so that was a relief too.
Here in this last shot you can see the row of bags and boxes waiting to go off to charity shops soon.  The blue basket thingy with stuff in is my 'out-box' at the mo for other places and there are books to give away/return there as well as a couple of other things.

In the medium term, I also plan to empty and lose the blue craft tote bag.  Any good to you, Glenis?

I've also emptied two large, white Ikea storage boxes and sorted the contents ready for ejection.  Actually, one was my paper stationery hoard and I just put that back in to donate as a whole!  You can see that in the middle of the photo.

You can also see some of the art papers against the wall in this shot!  I plan to have this whole area totally clear, with just a handful of boxes, which you can currently see in the background, left there.

There are two more carrier bags in the bedroom and Sir got some heavy duty rubbish bags for me to put the donations in ready for delivery to the charity shop.

So, even thought it's chaos just now with bags everywhere and piles of things on my desk ready to give away when I next see the relevant people, things are coming along well and I'm pleased with progress so far.  I may just make my goal of reducing my personal possessions by about 50%. I'm really longing for the big, final purge just before we move, but am trying to get as much stuff out as I can before that too.

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Rachel said...

Are you enjoying the sorting out, or just the result?

Jules Woolford said...

Well done! Yes, how are you finding the process? I always feel revitalised after a clear out, but am often thwarted. I just tried to re-home a crochet bunny I made a few years ago but he was rescued by Himself, who was most indignant!