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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Downscaling art and stationery stuff.

Sigh!  This is a long job that reaches into every area of one's life!  It's quite easy for me to downscale clothes, household things and various products like make-up etc, but it gets more challenging when it comes to stuff like books (my inventory is in progress and up as a visible page on blog) and arts & crafts things.  I've already more or less decided which books are going, which are staying long enough for me to finish with and which I'm planning on keeping on a more long-term basis.  I'm now just waiting for the time to be right to do the clear-out.  It's no good doing it too early, or else I'll be looking at blank shelves and I'll hate that even more!! LOL!  No pleasing some folk, is there??  So, that'll mostly wait until we're in actual packing to move out mode, or shortly beforehand.

Over the last few days, I've been going through my art and stationery shelves and drawers.  By 'stationery' here, I mean pens, pencils and that sort of thing.  I haven't got to the box of paper stuff yet....

Here are some old photos of what things used to be like (from my other blog, Sew in Love, where I'll soon be discussing the idea of a capsule embroidery stash!)

As you can see, all drawers were very full and every scrap of space crammed full of stuff.

A couple of the tubs (those holding the paint tubes on the top shelf) were redeployed, but other than that, there's been little change up to the last week.

Now the drawers are markedly emptier and look like this:

After the removal of all this:

The green and orange pencil cases came out of the bottom drawer in the wooden chest and, as you can see, I kept many of the coloured biros as I do use those quite a bit.

Finally, the shelf area above the drawers looks like this now:

So, the things in that area are going down gradually, but, as the outgoing stuff  came mostly from the drawers, it's harder to see it from the outside.  The next areas I want to purge are the top shelf here, esp. the flashcard container at the back and the Lush empties, but I'm sure some of the discs can go too, as well as some of the books at the back.  After that will be the area under those two white boxes.  Speaking of which, I'll be going through those boxes too and sorting out card blanks to sell and/or give away.  And then there are all the craft/card making supplies in my blue box under the desk...

My room really is a cluttered up mess and, since I've been really feeling that, I no longer enjoy working in there.  I used to love it, but since I've found myself craving a simpler, less stuff-ey life, I find the room stressful.  Well, little by little!

By the way, the majority of the pens etc were given away last night, along with a box of watercolours and one of oil pastels and a few pads.  There are also a few lots of art things for sale on e-bay.  Tomorrow I'm planning on getting out all the things I think may sell and getting photos taken and edited, along with the descriptions prepared so that, next time there's an e-bay 100 free listings event, most of the work is done and I can get them all live to sell with very little extra effort.  The funny thing is, unlike previous sales when I've had something in mind to buy with the money I'll make, this time I haven't as I don't want any more stuff!! LOL!!

The saga continues....

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Rachel said...

It looks like a long job!

Kathy said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Oh this my complete downfall! We have one dresser drawer with stationary/ art supplies and no matter how often I go through it, I can't seem to get rid of everything. In fact, I'm so daft I'm thinking, I'll keep it for when I do art projects with grandchildren - of which my husband has one and I have none so far!
Good luck!