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Friday, 23 January 2015

30 Days of Blogging Challenge - Day 6 - What are you afraid of?

One thing that really scares me is foreign dentists.  The reason for this is the invariably awful times I've had in the dentists' chair abroad.

My first experience was visiting a German dentist back when I was 19 and was just about to come home.  I should have waited those few days as he took one look and said, 'The tooth is busted, it must come out, no?' and promptly whipped it out.  A British dentist would almost certainly have repaired it and even fitted a crown if necessary.

The next series of horrors was back in 2009/10 in Taiwan.  Now, it's vital to understand that Taiwanese dentists, thanks to the national devotion to the theories of Chinese medicine, believe that anaesthetics are bad for the nervous system, so they don't give them unless the patient insists.  So, they will merrily do all manner of stuff to you with full feeling.  Now, anaesthetics may very well not be the best thing to happen to your nervous system, but having root canal surgery with no anaesthesia has got to be a whole lot worse!  No, this didn't happen to me, (although I did narrowly avoid it when I had a filling replaced and the dentist said he would take out the nerve etc.  I said, 'No, you will not.  Ordinary filling please.'), but it did to an American chap I met.  He said they put a mask over your face, with just a hole for the mouth area so that that they aren't distracted from working by the agony you're in....

So, that's what scares me.  The idea of actually needing root surgery in Taiwan.  I suspect Lance didn't actually need it as I needed neither root treatment nor crown when recommended it (and still never had that tooth root filled), but I also heard that TW dentists are mostly trained by US ones, who are rumoured to do unnecessary work in order to get their patient's $$$ from them.  =(  Not knowing, can't say for sure, but I learned to deeply appreciate British dentistry with it's sensible anaesthesia and only doing what's really needed.

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Rachel said...

Just the thought gives me the shivers.