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Thursday, 22 January 2015

30 Days of Blogging Challenge - Day 5 - Your Proudest Moment

Proudest moment?  Can't think of any one, outstanding thing, but, again, three small highlights came to mind:

1. When I finally finished the dog portrait embroidery.  I'd had it on the go for a few years, working in fits and starts on it.  It was one HARD piece and way beyond the abilities of the complete novice I was when I started it.  I made progress on it over about four periods of fairly concentrated work (with a year or more in between, most of the time!) and just had a final push during a holiday (vacation) we took for our eighth anniversary week back in 2007.  I planned to just complete the nose section, but did the two ears as well - the last three remaining areas.  Even though looking at it now from a more experienced vantage point I can see where it could have been improved, this has always been my stitching masterpiece and the one I am most proud of.

2. A small one from our period studying Chinese in Taiwan a few years ago, (I was quite proud of being selected to receive the scholarship too!!).  It was summer term 2010 and we were doing regular dictation tests, writing out full sentences in Chinese characters.  At least once I got 99% for my test and, as the two Japanese girls got a mere 98% one time, I was rather proud!  They were used to writing in that kind of script and the teacher said it was unusual for a Western student to rival a Japanese classmate.  I was well chuffed!

3. My mum has always been very reserved when it comes to expressing her feelings and opinions, especially where I'm concerned.  People would often ask, 'What does your mum think of you doing x?' and I always had to answer, 'I don't know', as she never said.  It was very rare indeed for her ever to express any approval or affection.  So, when a couple of  months ago we'd been spending the weekend with her and I heard her say to her Monday morning carer girls, 'She's going home today and I'm really going to miss her.' I was amazed and touched, especially when she'd told me on the Thursday she didn't want me to go!  Yes, that was a proud moment indeed. =)

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Rachel said...

My Dad is equally chary of praise, so I know how you felt!

Glenis Pickering said...

#3 - definitely a memory to treasure!

Jules Woolford said...

You should be proud indeed!