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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

30 Days of Blogging Challenge - Day 4 - Your Dream Job

My dream job?  Even bigger hmmmm than yesterday.  Today's is the first of the few topics on this challenge where I could honestly answer: I don't have one/any.  Really, truly, I don't.

By profession, I'm a Mandarin Chinese teacher, but there are huge aspects of the job that I don't like.  For instance, my personality, surprising to some, is introverted and, although I can fake it well enough most of the time, I don't like performing to order.  With a class schedule, one hasn't any choice but to turn up and keep up a lively flow for the hour or two allotted.  Then comes the huge quantities of preparation.  Sometimes I don't mind that, sometimes it's a royal pain and a source of hideous amounts of stress.  So, I doubt I will ever work in Chinese teaching professionally again.  I may do some volunteer teaching and/or some writing work, but beyond that, not likely.

Actually, having been fighting with one fatigue condition after another for most of the past 12+ years, I've now forgotten what it's like to be well enough to work regularly!!

However, stepping into the realms of fantasy, what have we?  I suppose it would need to be something with creative aspects, preferably working with colour.  I'd like to help people answer their questions and/or solve problems etc as well as use my languages.  Also, I'm fond of travel and girlie beauty products, so if we were to put all that together, should we say a beauty consultant in an airport duty-free shop?? =)

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Rachel said...

What about make-up artist? Needle artist (although I must admit to having reservations about the phrase)?

Jules Woolford said...

Personal Creative Consultant? :)