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Thursday, 29 January 2015

30 Days of Blogging Challenge - Days 11 and 12 - 10 Favourite Foods and Favourite Childhood book

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In no particular order, here are 10 things I really enjoy eating:

* Pizza.  Love the stuff, although I don't go in for the really overly cheesy ones.  I just get the Savers ones from  Morrisons for 99p each and trim them up with lots of extra toppings and flavourings - shake of salt, dried herbs, fresh garlic, some veg, olives and chopped jalape├▒os.

* Spaghetti napolitana.  Again, I make my own by frying a medium onion and two medium cloves of garlic in a little rapeseed oil.  Stir in a tin of (chopped) tomatoes and a veg stock cube (I use Kallo Organic veg cubes) and simmer on a low heat.  By the time the spaghetti (wholemeal, of course!;)) has cooked, the sauce will be ready to just stir some torn fresh basil into.

* Vegetable rogan josh.  I love tomatoes, so a tomato based curry appeals to me, whether I have to make it myself with a small cheat of curry paste, or we order in.

* I love fruit, especially mangoes, papaya, strawberries, blood oranges and tasty pears.

* Yes, I like some unhealthy stuff too and am fond of chocolate (and a bit of chocolate ice cream), and I love crisps.  However, as sugar attacks the immune system and a whole host of other negative effects, I keep it to a minimum.  I've also recently gone cold turkey on crisps (potato chips) as they are so salty and I was beginning to notice signs of dehydration around my eyes.  As I pride myself on looking younger than many of my 15 or so years younger friends, I was in no hurry to encourage eye skin nasties.  Within a couple of weeks I could see an improvement. =)

So, that makes about 10 foods in all.  And, yes, this is a day late.  I simply ran out of time yesterday as it was one busy day!  So, in order to catch up, here is today's topic:

I don't think I had one favourite book as a child.  I loved Enid Blyton stories, and still do.  I especially loved the 'Famous Five', 'Malory Towers', 'St Clares' and 'The Naughtiest Girl' series.  I still have many of them and/or borrow them from the local library.  Great to relax with.

I had two or three 'Chalet School' books when I was a kid too, but I never read them then.  I started reading those about 10 years ago and, with the highly valued help of Glenis, who owns a complete set of the hardback Chalet books, I've now read the lot.  Good old escapism. =)

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Jules Woolford said...

I feel so unhealthy now! :) And great book choices. I still have most of my childhood favourites as I could not bear to part with them ( So not as minimal as I may think!)

Rachel said...

I still have many of my childhood books, too. The ones written in the early 20th century have a nice wide vocabulary and don't make you feel talked down to!