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Monday, 19 January 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge - Day 2 - 20 things about yourself

Today's challenge is a self-directed version of 20 questions, i.e. I get to pick the topics!!  Here are 20 seriously fascinating (not!) snippets of information about yours truly:

1. I'm now 43 years old.  In Chinese I would say, 'This year I'm 44'.  That means that my hubby, who was born on 31 December, would never get to say his true age using that format!

2. My eyes are dark blue, which is quite rare, but with no trace of the widely coveted violet shade.  I like them anyway. :)

3. I'm the INFJ personality type, which is apparently the rarest in the world and could explain why I seem odd to a fair number of people and why I often feel 'different'.  I'm not very INFJ-ish in a lot of respects, but I've taken the test 4 times (slightly different tests), including the long one, and it comes back the same every time.

4. I hate mayonnaise, smoked flavours of any type and anything really bitter including coffee and alcohol.

5. Leading on from number 4, I drink neither coffee nor tea, and am tee-total.  I actually hate alcohol with quite a passion and am convinced the main reason I have few lines on my face so far is that I don't take in caffeine, (which I understand to be very poisonous indeed).  Naturally, I wouldn't touch tobacco either.  Yack!

6. I really, really, wish we had a cat or a dog.  I'd love a companion animal and have never been able to have one.  Waaaaah!

7. I'm genuinely puzzled by people who pity me for abstaining from things I very definitely don't want to join in/eat/drink.  I decided not to have anything to do with Christmas, or to drink sugary drinks etc.  No-one forced me and I don't miss them.  So, why pity me??

8.  I waste too much time on-line if I put my laptop on, so I try not to switch it on several days per week.  Doing this challenge means that I will need to reinstall the Blogger app on my Smartphone....

9.  I was born and brought up in Leeds, but now live in Sheffield.  I've also spent a total of almost two years in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

10.  I was an au-pair and then a chambermaid in Wiesbaden, Germany when I was 19.

11. I detest the words 'purchase', 'beverage' and 'persons'.  'Buy', 'drink' and 'people' in my presence, please!  I don't 'repurchase' a product either, I buy it again!!!  Although I love words and like to learn new ones, I really can't bear fancy-schmancy terms when a simple one will do just as well.  I also sometimes think that people talk about 'purchasing' something as they're hiding behind a fancy word to avoid the fact of buying too much!!!  (Probably not true, but you never know....)

12. I love riding on the Sheffield Supertram.  I don't get to go on it very often, so it's a bit of a treat for me.  I love trains too and even long-distance buses or coaches.  Travel is always exciting to me, although my favourite place is always home.

13. I currently live in the largest flat/apartment I've had as my 'own' home.  Our previous two were a fair bit smaller.  I'm now able to have my own room, albeit a very tiny one.

14. I have a degree in Modern Chinese Studies, a postgraduate diploma in Applied Translation Studies and would like to take the HSK (Chinese proficiency exam) level 5 this coming May.

15. I have a viola and hope to one day be able to play it well.  I like the lowest tuned string, the C below Middle C best.  Conversely, on the violin, I dislike the highest string, the E most!!  I suppose I like mid-low notes.  My voice seems to be of the alto range too.

16. I have a sickeningly low tolerance for nonsense of any and all types.  This also means that I'm not the most patient of people, but I'm learning to pretend to be....!!!  Sadly, I do NOT always succeed, but am also learning the truth of my mother's old saying: Least said, soonest mended.

17. I love make up and have done since I was about 12 or 13.  I must have owned literally hundreds of products over the past 30 years!  I have regular clear-outs, from which friends and e-bay buyers have benefited.

18. I'm currently in the process of downscaling my possessions.  The aim is to get down to 50% of the original amount.  I cleared out about 20-25% of my clothes last summer, am planning on letting go of up to 60% or even more of my books, have got rid of about 50% of my make up recently and am using up most of the rest as well as many of my perfumes.  I'm sick of stuff.  It's stressful and it makes moving house an even bigger nightmare than it needs to be.

19. I'm probably moving in the summer, a fact which has given a lot of impetus to the comments in #18!

20. I'm vegetarian with vegan tendencies, and eat as little refined food, esp. sugar as possible.  Animal foods are only a habit and are not at all necessary.  I don't need pitying for not having these either, LOL!!!=)

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Rachel said...

I hope you have better success with the Blogger App than I had with the Wordpress App!

Jules Woolford said...

Catching up with you at last! My feed has not been feeding, so I've just realised what you're doing and have read all these in reverse order. Very much enjoying your blogging challenge!