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Friday, 31 October 2014

November aims

Forgot to publish this yesterday, but here goes anyway:

Here we go again, with a new monthly list and a new long(er)-term list to pick from too!  Basically, although there are other overall aims, some of which overlap, I'm trying to focus on two main areas for the rest of this year: Improving my health and preparing as much as is reasonably possible for a move, very likely an international one.  That means reading/studying up, using up and clearing up/out a number of things from books through kits to toiletries, clothes etc.  With those aims in mind, during November I hope to accomplish or work on the following:

- Sort my shoes, gloves, tights and thermals (last of the clothes sorting)
- Deal with 4head sticks
- More e-bay auctions
- 'Teach Yourself German'
- 'GCSE German Revision'
- 'German in Three Months'
- 'PMP Basic French'.
- Work corresponding parts of 'PMP French Verb Tenses'
- Finish vocab transfer from study editions (10)
- EdX Intermediate Chinese Grammar course
- Tiantian Zhongwen: Beijing's Courtyards
- Basic Chinese - A Grammar and Workbook
- Chinese history book
- 'Learning English' (book 3)
- Ramsey's 'The Languages of China'
- 'Amplified Bible' one chapter most days Luke 22 - John 21
- Red assembly notebook
- Try to get some exercise, pref outside, every day
- Do focusing and/or relaxation techniques every day
- Be in bed by 9 at least 4 days a week and 10 the other 3
- Juice at least every other day
- Continue with use-ups, making extra effort to use them
November NQ Stumpwork - orange branch
Helen M Stevens' butterflies piece
- Paradise Island cross stitch
- Trial some designs for possible future sales
- Join in 'Art Every Day' Month as many days as I reasonably can
- Have a terrific day at the Harrogate K&S Show on 21st! :-)

I've decided not to set targets within each goal this time as I found that I just wasn't making them.  Although health was rather to blame during October, it feels better to achieve something at a lower level than to fail at a higher, no??

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