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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Plans for July

Let's get this blog back up and running again with a monthly goal and aim post. It's also my first post from the Blogger app, so is by way of being an experiment. The app isn't going to-be suitable for my needlework blog as one can only use one photo, but should be ok for this one.
So, what's on the menu for this month?

- Finish the ring cushion.  Deadline: 17 July.
- Finish the Tudor Lady cross stitch.
- Complete the July Needlequest challenge, a small blackwork piece featuring some Chinese pottery.
- Substantially progress the peacock feather piece.
- Sew up the Hanako scatter cushion.
- Alter my trousers (4)
- Sort the modifications on my skirt
- Clear out the container cupboard in the kitchen.
- Sort out my wardrobe and household linen.
- Finish 'Practice Makes Perfect Basic Chinese'.
- Work two more chapters each of 'German in Three Months', 'Teach Yourself German', 'Teach Yourself French', 'French in Three Months' (4).
- Read to Chapter 5 of my English language and linguistics book, and my Chinese history one (2).
- Finish all the scraps of assembly notes.
- Finish book 4 of the maths course.
- Re-study at least 2 more chapters of science book.
- Finish Ezekiel and read Daniel to Amos in The Amplified Bible.
- Read all the glut of mags that suddenly seemed to arrive en masse (5)

Looks a lot, but as long as I can shift this virus that's making me so yack at the mo, I would say it's eminently do-able in the remaining 3 weeks.  Update due on 31 July. :-)


Daily progress reports:
Total number of items: 28
10th: worked on 7
11th: worked on 10, completed 1 (1/28)
12th: worked on 9
13th: worked on 10
14th: worked on 5, completed 2 (3/28)
15th: worked on 7
16th: worked on 2/3
17th: worked on 3, completed 1 (4/28)
18th: worked on 6, completed 1 (5/28)
19th: worked on 4
20th: worked on 4, completed 1 (6/28)
21st: worked on 5
22nd: worked on 8, completed 1 (7/28)
23rd: worked on 6
24th: worked on 2
25th: worked on 8, completed 6 (13/28)
26th: worked on 5, completed 1 (14/28)
27th: worked on 5, completed 2 (16/28)
28th: worked on 5, completed 3 (19/28)
29th: worked on 1
30th: worked on 2, completed 1 (20/28)
31st: worked on 2, completed 1 (21/28)

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Glenis Pickering said...

Hmmm. I fear there's a pig on the roof. It might fly :-)
If you keep this up, then I might get A Round Tuit too.