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Friday, 1 March 2013

February Goals Progress

Here are the goals I set and how far I got with them:

* Finish the 17th C anthology  Err, no.  I think I might have read it once, but it's hard going...  The first story is 200 pages long, which is only a problem when you kow there are no chapter divisions or seperators whatsoever...
* Keep up with year-long reading plans  This is on target and going well
* Finish Tyranny of History  No, I got to about half way through, but rather lost momentum.
* Get sample chapter text done as well as a list of tricky Chinese structure and hard to translate expressions, also a list of what Chinese published advanced textbooks cover in terms of language content.  To my shame, no, I didn't touch this one.
* Finish DS Science book 4 - at least the sections I'm planning to cover.  I got quite a bit of this done, but it isn't quite finished.
* Finish the MS Word book  Did two and a half more chapters, but still have six or more to go...
* Finish Daniel book chapter 9 and start 10  Still working through chapter 9, which is VERY long with a lot of extras in.
* Do a bit more in the chemistry book  Yup, I did a bit more.
* Report back on 1 March and also post at least once more during the month.  Yup.  Made one short post and am updating this now!!

I also read two more of the books on the list, one fiction, one non.  So, I did some things, but not others!!

I'm not setting 'published' goals this month as I've been unwell again (thus the lack of progress with many things) and I need to rest rather than stress myself out that I haven't done X and Y...

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Rachel said...

Call this a Bonus month - any progress a bonus!