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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Goals wrap-up for 2012 and plans for 2013

A bit late this, given that the year is over 3 weeks old already, but better late than never, huh?

I finished 2012 with 65 of the items on the 2011/2 goals list completed and 22 more in progress (4 of which were nearing completion), so that wasn't half bad considering how much of the time I'd been ill since the creation of the list back in late March 2011.=)  If anyone wants to know more detail, the 2011/2 Goals page is still on blog, and will stay so for the foreseeable future.

I'd started putting together the 2013 list a few weeks before the end of the year and, when the 31st came, I finally transferred the last of the items that were to be carried over (having dumped a fair few on the way!!) and, with the textiles and arts related stuff (to be found on my textiles blog, Sew in Love) and the language learning stuff removed as well as the 'use up' section (which is just there for the pleasure of crossing them out as and when), here is the list for the year to come taken back to how it was on 1 Jan:

To Study


* 'Daniel' book chapters 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 16 
* 'Isaiah' book 1 - to start to study if poss


on Polyglot blog

Other Subjects

* Discovering Science Book 4 - 'Unity Within Diversity' 2/12
* DS Book 5 - 'Energy'
* DS Book 6 - 'Our World and it's Atoms'
* DS Book 7 - 'The Quantum World'
* Complete OU MU120 units I own  Book 4/7 section 0/7

Work Related 

* Complete all the texts for the 'Advanced Chinese by Translation' book project (pending acceptable of proposal)
* Complete 'How to Do Everything with MS Word'  9/18
* Learn to use MS Access and create a Bible book/author database
* Gain my Adult Numeracy Level 2 certificate   prep test 5/12 taken
* Update and revamp my CV  hand-written outline done
* Create some docs for PPH and make a start on bidding for jobs  

To Read


* NWT Bible 2013 reading (#11)
* Complete NWT Bible 2009-2013 TMS reading with Sir (#12)  Gen - Mal
* The Amplified Bible, (Genesis - Psalms)
* 2013 Yearbook
* 2013 Convention new releases
* Isaiah book 1
* Isaiah book 2
* Creation book


* Improve Your Foreign Language Ability Immediately
* Studying Foreign Languages
* Chinese Language, Life & Culture
* The Tyranny of History
* China in the Twentieth Century
* The Power of Creative Intelligence
* Using English - from conversation to canon


* 'Paradise Lost'
* 'Emily Fox-Seton'
* PG Wodehouse 'The Mating Season'
* PG Wodehouse 'Carry on Jeeves'
* 'The Ladies' Paradise'
* 'Dombey & Son'
* 'Anthology of Elizabethan Prose Fiction'
* 'Anthology of Seventeenth Century Fiction'

If I manage to avoid bugs and viruses (virtually impossible) and don't waste too much time on the computer (more controllable, most of the time), then I can get quite a lot done and, to date I've already completed two of the reading goals and expect to cross another two off the list tomorrow.  Thanks to lovely winter illnesses etc, I haven't got very far on with most of the study ones, but the year isn't over yet!=)

My goal for each of the three blogs on which I have list parts displayed is to do a monthly update on or around the 1st of each month and, with this and the language blog, try to do at least one other posting mid-month, so as to get them going a bit more.  I also want to get my travel blog updated with the photos from various cities around Great Britain that we've visited since getting home from the Far East in September 2010.

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Rachel said...

You've got plenty stacked up to do there. I hope you have a much healthier year to come - it's so hard to study when you're poorly.