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Monday, 9 July 2012

40 Goals Complete!

OK, so I'm by no means all the way there and only have just under 6 months to go, but I'm really pleased that I've made it to the 40 out of 100 goals met.  It looks even better when you realise that another 36 are in progress too.  I won't finish them all - esp. the writing with which I've lost heart somewhat, and then there are the 24 that aren't even started yet (one of which will kick off tonight), but I think I should manage to clear about 80 of them off totally in the end and have made a start on a good few of the remaining 20.

Given that it's said most people only accomplish around 20% of what they set out to do, I'm quite pleased with things even as they are!=)  Perhaps we can have a party at 50??


Rachel said...


maf said...

Thank you for sharing your mutiple interests in your blog's header: I found this book ("Refuse to choose") that, at last, describes what I am deeply: a scanner!

Thank you, thank you and keep on with your goals! Yes, a celebration at 50 will surely be nice! :)

ANNE said...

Elizabeth,n i tried very many time to write something in your blog SEw in love.
I hope this time here, it will be good and not too difficult...
Hi, My son in law is french (like me) but he lived in Sheffield, very happy and a long time . well, I do some embroideries, and so I have visited
your wonderful blog.............
I am at home (in France) because, I have broken my FEMUR............I cannot do embroideries and not even my speciality (coiled fabric bowls) but during christmas time, you will see on my blog 2 stumpwork embroideries (I am proud of these gifts!!!) Thanks for these galleries. And your nice work.I shall do visit you with regularity (Anne from Perigord)