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Thursday, 30 June 2011

June Goals Review

Mmmm, not so much movement this month as I thought I might make. Some of it was down to focusing on a handful of things (such as the IT courses and all the exams involved etc) and some more was down to doing other things that aren't on the list, such as all the stitching I did of things not on the first two sections and so forth.

So far:
9 of the 100 are complete, which means only 2 have been finished off this month.
35 seem to be in progress (which adds up when I compare last month's figure of 37!!), of which I made headway on 14 during this last month. Nothing new was kicked off.

Some things have been re-coloured in blue as I'm not at all sure they're going to stay on the list and I may well boot them off and replace them with something more in line with current interests etc. Trouble is, my interests wax and wane incessantly, so changes are inevitable!!

I estimate that at least 4 things will be crossed off this coming month, very possibly more, depending on how much reading I do. Recently I've just been relaxing with the 2nd Palliser novel.=) As I said last time, goals are good things, but ignoring them sometimes and doing something for pure fun is good too!!!


Rachel said...

As you say, goals are all very well, but it doesn't do to take attention to them to excess!

Jules Woolford said...

Wise words, having just unembroiled myself from taking on too many things (plus I think I may owe you an e-mail.... oh dear)