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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sales calls, couldn't you just live without them??

So, our phone and internet service provider just made yet another of their regular calls to make me the offer of my life. Oh, if only they would stop! As soon as I hear the Indian accent, I think, 'Oh help, it's TalkTalk - again!' They don't even ask if you have time, or if you're interested in knowing what they're calling about, they just start trying to get personal details from you and you have to interrupt to say, 'Look, I'll call you if I want to change things, thanks!'

I think I'd rather prefer the call if they didn't claim each time that they were going to be saving me money. Now come on, let's face it, the primary function of any and all businesses is to make money. No-one, but no-one is going to try and incite you to buy fewer of their products or services. If they'd just ask me if I was interested in the latest package/add-on/whatever, I'd respect that more, but no, they try to con me into thinking that I'd be saving money. Of course I would be spending more money, that's why they want me to take up the 'offer'! What's scary is that you know there'll be folk who'll fall for it....

Last time they wanted to 'save me money on our chargable calls'. Well, since Sir got a proper mobile phone contract and used that to make calls to other mobiles, our last two months' of extra calls have been £1.33 and 51p. I'm not really worried about that!!

Where's the 'no sales calls' box to check?? Actually, I've just found it on my account and it was already checked.....!


Rachel said...

That qualifies for a threatening growl, doesn't it.

If these companies would follow the procedures they claim to have in place, all of us would be a lot happier!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Can you complain to someone? Ofcom, maybe? It must be against some rules somewhere to ignore your account preferences. :(