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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Clever, but not clever enough...

What was? Well, in response to my last post, I got a Personal Message (PM) on the Barbara Sher 'Refuse to Choose' forums (from the book you can see in the header photo), which I occasionally have a look at. This chap was sympathising about my perceived problem on the job front and was wanting to offer me an opportunity. He said nothing about it at that point, so I PM-ed back to ask what it was he had in mind. You never know, it could be something genuine and helpful.

The reply basically didn't answer the question. It was all about my 'drive' and how I went about creative projects and then promised to tell me more in the next message. It also mentioned my interest in Asian languages (much of which comes from the travels we're in the middle of having just been to Japan and heading to Korea on 28th) and seemed to be saying I could use them. There was just about enough info about the actual substance of the job for me to see that someone was trying to get me into a sales scheme. I wrote back and said that it seemed I was wanted to sell some product or other to Chinese, Japanese and Korean speakers and was that right? If so, I wasn't interested.

Back came another lengthy epistle on meeting goals, creativity and so on without directly answering my question or telling me what the product was. The writer did mention the overall company though, NSA International, so I looked them up (long live Wikipedia!) and found that they sell various health related products, some with very dubious write up, and operated by 'multi-level marketing' methods. Put plainly, this guy was trying to get me in on a neo-pyramid scheme selling supplements! He would have got a percentage of any sales I made having introduced me to the company and possbly even a bonus for trapping another fly on the web. These marketing programmes have been condemned for their similarity to the now thankfully illegal pyramid schemes. It was all based on greed and trying to make money through me under the veneer of helping me make money and realise my potential.

I was NOT impressed! Not only had I had to find out what he was up to by doing my own research from the brief snippets he did let slip, but he was trying to get me in on something which meant I would have to use methods I don't approve of to sell a product I wouldn't recommend! He proudly mentioned it was a 'peer reviewed' genuine food product, but neglected to mention that it was actually classified as a supplement (I believe some of the ingredients are dried veg juices or something of that type, thus the misleading claim that it was actual food), and that of the 15 peer reviews available, 14 were arranged for and some even carried out by people directly related to the product! Hardly reliable and trustworthy. (It's called 'Juice Plus' if anyone wants to find out more about it.) When I mentioned this and told him, for about the 3rd time, that I was not interested, another long message came back, which I suppose was justifying the whole thing, but I confess to having lost patience by this point and deleted it mostly unread. I mean, what part of the word 'no' didn't this chap understand??

Stunning really that, on a forum that was designed for intelligent people with multiple interests, there should be someone trying to entice members into pyramid sales schemes. Surely most intelligent and informed people would be aware that these things exist and be able to spot a poor deal a mile off when the person doesn't just get to the point straight away, but sends pages asking you to analyse your working methods and your drive for success. Highly suspicious!

So, for future reference, should anyone ever consider trying to get me in on a sales scheme, do us both a favour and forget it! Save your time and mine and don't contact me about it. I am quite certain to be absolutely uninterested! I actually added 'Please don't contact me about sales schemes' on my sig line for that forum as well!

I loved Rachel's response to my last post about setting up an agency for 'the brilliant, but easily bored'. I don't think I could get that into it, but I did get from that the idea of going freelance (thanks also to another Rachel's comment!), which I may well look into early next year when I've got some temping under my belt and have explored the freelance market a bit more. Thankfully, Sir usually earns the lion's share of the money and doesn't mind if I don't work much, so I'm not under financial pressure at the moment, but it's nice to earn a bit oneself - especially as I want to be able to take art courses soon and don't like to put extra burden on the family budget. I like to cover my own optional extras, so to speak.=)


Rachel said...

These schemes are really exactly like pyramid selling, but set up to get around the laws about pyramid selling. Illegal, immoral, and unproductive - no occupation for the intelligent!

Elizabeth Braun said...

Yeah! Exaclty! That's why I used 'neo-pyramid' to describe it. It's a pyramid scheme with a new slant, as you say to dodge the laws. Makes you sick and such a devious way to try and interest someone both in terms of how it was done in such a sideways manner and also preying on potentially bored people on a forum! PAH!