Welcome to the Fluff! Here I blog my goals, especially my reading and studies, and my ongoing downscaling and using up of material stuff and working towards a more minimalist lifestyle.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Welcome to the Fluff!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog, which I plan to use to cover my learning, reading, research and a number of other things over the months and years to come. I have many interests and love to develop myself in any way I reasonably can, including reading plentifully and learning new skills in as many areas as I can without depriving myself of too much sleep!!

I seem to have amassed a number of blogs now all of which are devoted to different interests. Of course, I could merge them all into one, but I know that some readers of my needlecrafts blog are not interested in language related matters, what I've been reading and so on, so I thought it as well to keep them separate. I've moved the general pages, such as my CV and Goals sections from Sew in Love to here and also my reading list from Google Sites. I've added to the general Goals page and created a new one for what I want to achieve the rest of this calendar year. I'll be updating that on a regular basis.

Why 'Fluffy Little Idiot'? Well, I pinched this name from one of my favourite children's books where Joey Bettany, the Head Girl of the Chalet School (oh, if only that place existed and I could be a pupil!) dismisses the young, new matron as a 'fluffy little idiot'. This woman deserved the name, as anyone whose read 'The New House at the Chalet School' can testify, but I thought it was pretty similar to what I see in the eyes of some people who like to think I've nothing going on upstairs as I'm often smiling and joking, I'm friendly to people without ulterior motive, I feel things very deeply and can't help being emotional, I can't stick to just one area in life to specialise in and, normally, I tend to have a very lively nature and a rather baby-ish face and look anything up to 15 years younger than I am (the latter is something I am NOT complaining about!) depending on the light and the other person's estimation!!! Yes, I can see them thinking, 'nice, but a bit naive', 'not really going anywhere', 'totally out of touch with reality, a bit empty-headed', 'emotionally instable - possibly even manic depressive', 'immature and flighty' - you know the sort of thing. Yes, it can hurt, but I've learned to laugh at them now as it's them that's making the mistake in underestimating me and, even if someone decides I could be a borderline manic depressive just because they really don't know me at all, that isn't going to even start to make it true. The egg is not on my face!

There will be pages to come above on my interest in defining adult giftedness, vegan issues (no, not roaring animal rights stuff, don't worry), and perhaps some other things as time goes on. As I only have 10 pages to play with though, I may have to keep things to a bare minimum. We'll see.

Anyway, sign up to follow in the usual way and please leave comments and so on freely!


Rachel said...

Posted by blog author on Rachel's behalf (received by e-mail)

Hi Elizabeth

Thank you for a reminder of the Chalet School books - I devoured them as a child!

I would have left a comment on Fluffy Little Idiot, but for some reason the Post A Comment link often isn't a link on Blogspot.com blogs for me!

Anyway, I shall be watching with interest to see what you write about next!

best wishes


DIAN said...

You've made an interesting start. My interests really centre around my textile are but I will visit here occasionally.