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Use Up 2017

This list has been created from the original one I did in early 2015
Latest Update:  9 April 2017
Total items (entries) to use up: 42
In current regular/concentrated use: 13
Finished/decluttered so far: 9

Make up

Face Products

* Natural Collection tinted moisturiser
* No7 CC cream sample
* No7 Instant Radiance Concealer
* 17 sparkling powder
* Rimmel Pink Rose blusher
* 17 Sugar Shack blusher
* Rimmel red blush duo - pink shade

7 shades/products 

Eye products

* elf shadow base/concealer
* 2true 'Meteor' mascara
* Natural Collection clear mascara

3 shades, 3 products


* Bourjois soft red lipstick
* Taiwanese orange mini lipstick
* 17 pink mini lipstick
* Bourjois Lilas Sortilege lipstick
* Bourjois Framboise Imaginere lipstick

5 shades/products

Lips colours - mostly high-pigmented, moist colours

* Too Faced pale pink (in NG palette)
* Too Faced soft pink (in NG palette)
* Too Faced salmon pink (in GG palette)
* Too Faced purple (in GG palette)
* Too Faced raspberry (in GG palette)
* Too Faced beige (in GG palette)

 6 shades in 2 products

Lip glosses

* Chanel quad gold gloss
* Chanel quad blue gloss
* Chanel quad pink gloss
* Chanel quad peach gloss
* Miss Sporty red gloss
* Rimmel Sweet Lips Gloss
* Missha lilac gloss
* Etude House pink gloss
* No7 Liplicious mini pink
* No7 Liplicious mini dark pink  Disappeared!  Given up on finding

10 shades, 7 products 

Total Make-up: 40 shades, 27 products 


* YR Nature solid
* CTG Elder
* YR Pivoine
* Next 'Charmed' spray  gave it to charity

4 products - currently suffering perfume allergies, so section may not be progressed

Toiletries, Skin and Haircare

* Creightons No Frizz conditioner
* Creightons Argan Moist Shampoo
* Body Shop passionfruit lip balm
* Beeswax cherry lipbalm
* Beeswax mint lipbalm
* Nail & cuticle moisturiser
* Sandalwood and Vitamin E face wash

7 products

Grand Total: 29 products  (51 entries)

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