Welcome to the Fluff! Here I blog my goals, especially my reading and studies, and my ongoing downscaling and using up of material stuff and working towards a more minimalist lifestyle.

Current Month

Progress on the current month's goals.  Last updated: 14 July.
(S) means needed for this summer's shows (Bingley 22/7, Ryedale 25/7, Shadwell 19/8)

Number of goals for the month: 30

Completed:  5/30
In progress:  10/27

* Remedial Exercises once or twice daily, including at least one wobble board session per day   restarted on 7th
* Keep up food plan, aiming to lose between two and five more pounds this month   in progress
* Start gentle tone up and flexibility exercises adding a little more every few days/week

Domestic and Downscale
* Finish the Go Bag!   
* Finalise make-up clear-out and give away 'cast offs'
* Take 15 books to the university book give-away areas
* Trip to the tip to deal with junk downstairs
* Sort out all textiles to go and take them to the charity shop for ragging/Oxfam warehouse

Stuff to buy:
* Buy new bath towel set   Done!
* Digital camera (S)   Done!
* 'Herbal HRT'   Done!
* Display stands (S)   Done!

Reading and Study
* NRSV Bible Isaiah 30 - end of Jeremiah  Isaiah - Jeremiah 4
* Complete 10 chapters of 'Relearning to See'   2/10
* Catch up kr book study from whilst I've been ill    0.4/2 chapters
* Vocab transfer from WTs
* Finish 'Modern Chinese Beginners Course Vol 3'   4.2/15 chapters
* Finish Discovering Science Book 3    2/9 chapters

* Get to at least 85% on 'Paradise Island' cross stitch
* Rose needle painting and mount in card  (S)
* Finish black/rose print t-shirt (first practice sewing straight)
* Finish my black chunky cardy
* Revamp beaded hardanger cushion   Zip bought, cushion taken apart, washed and mended. 
* Revamp miniature silk wedding cushion  (S)
* Start on bag making tasks (Sat-Nav pouch, hard drive pouch, backpack, knitting bag, manicure pouch)
* Make kids' picture books out of magazine picture collection
* Mounting C&G samples for show(s)  (S)
* Retouch 'Bluetits and Seedheads' XS and get it framed  (S)  Done! At framers :)
* Blogging catch up - 'Welcome' post for Pintangle visitors, blog the violet thread painting, the green/cream baby cardy and the anniversary card, plus Show prep stuff.   Welcome post done
* Enter and attend Bingley and Ryedale Shows (S)  Ryedale cards received, Bingley entry sent, display easels bought.

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2017

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