Welcome to the Fluff! Here I blog my goals, especially my reading and studies, and my ongoing downscaling and using up of material stuff and working towards a more minimalist lifestyle.

Current Month

Progress on the current month's goals.  Last updated: 20 November
Number of goals for the month: 36

Completed:  7/36
In progress:  15/29

* Keep up food plan, aiming to lose 2.5 more pounds this month   in progress, but some clot bought me chocolate....
* Remedial Exercises once or twice daily   in progress
* Brisk walk most days   in progress
* Start gentle tone up and flexibility exercises adding a little more every few days/week
* Begin the 'Relearning to See' programme   doing parts of it as I learn them

Domestic and Downscale

* Sort and complete the Go Bag
* Take charity shop stuff - textiles for ragging, perfumes, mags etc
* List all sales stuff on eBay - spare threads, mags, perfume, shoes, and offer some things on group
* Clean oven
* Clean fridge, inc de-icing freezer box   Done!
* Sort out the book boxes - reduce from 3 to 2, list certain books on Amazon and give others away
* Make pickles
* Finish 2 more lippies   in progress
* Finish 2 body lotions/oils   Done!
* Scan selected workbook sections etc

Reading and Study

* Continue NRSV Bible from Ezekiel 33 (aim to Micah)   Ezek 33 - Hos 7 
* Read Chinese NWT to 2 Thessalonians   Eph 5 - Col 
* Make serious headway reading 'Relearning to See'   p112-130
* Catch up kr book study     1/14 sessions 
* Vocab transfer from WTs   0/5
* Finish 'Modern Chinese Beginners Course Vol 3', inc vocab    finished studying chapters, vocab to start
* Start 'Spoken Chinese 2'(aim to complete 3/4, inc vocab)   3/25
* Finally finish 'Teach Yourself German', inc vocab   0/2.5 chapters
* Finish Discovering Science Book 3  Done! 
* Restudy Discovering Science Book 4   5/9 sections done
* Complete EdX 'Intro to Health & Wellness' course   up to date - weeks 4 - 7 completed, waiting for funal exam to open. 
* Complete to week 3 of EdX 'Macronutrients and Overnutrition' course   Done!
* Start EdX 'Chemistry of Life'   Done!  1. 5/13 units completed, but may not continue very much.
* Finish EdX Mandarin level 2 course   Done!
* Do EdX Mandarin level 3 course   Done!


* Get restarted on 'Paradise Island' cross stitch
* Make 7 lavender pillows   3 in progress
* Knit my chunky jumper   all pieces knit, construction in progress
* Start Sir's chunky jumper   yarn arrived :)
* Practice sewing straight on the machine
* Finish black/rose print t-shirt

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