Welcome to Towards Simplicity. I blog my goals, especially my reading and studies, and my ongoing downscaling and using up of material stuff and working towards a more minimalist lifestyle.

Current Month

Progress on the current month's goals.  Last updated: 16 March.
Completed:  0/25
In progress:  12/25

Number of goals for the month:  25

* Take care of neglected recycling - boxes at mum's and water filter cartridges - end month with recycling as up to date as reasonably possible  Done university drop off, got rid of our boxes etc
* Finish the Go Bag overhaul - DO these two this month!
* Give bathroom window a thorough cleaning
* Check over everywhere for 'clutter creep' and get some charity (or rag) bags/sales going as needed

Reading and Study
* NRSV Bible Psalms   Ps 1 - 46
* Finish 'Getting Along With the Chinese'  4/15
* Read 'Relearning to See'
* Re-start 'Daniel' book study - chs 9 & 10
* Study 'Discovering Science Book 3' sections 7 - 12  7
* Complete DS3
* Complete 'Modern Chinese Beginners Course' vol 3  Chs 56 - 58
* 'Fun With Chinese Characters Vol 1' No.s 10 - 35  10 - 11
* 'Beijing's Courtyards' reader, chs 1 - 4
* Chinese vocab transfer from recent study material
* Finish 'Teach Yourself German' (ch 17b to end)
* Re-start 'German in Three Months'

* Work 'Paradise Island cross stitch to at least 85% completion   65-70% complete
* Start winter design project - some artwork and charting the cross stitch design(s)
* Work another freestyle piece, either another Trish Burr small thread painting or that meadow scene from the Sue Newhouse book.  both prepped and threads chosen
* Finish knitting pink scarf   60% done
* Knit white preemie baby jacket  first piece knit
* Embroider and add buttons to cream and blue baby knits  buttons added to both and blue cardy embroidery done
* Get to grips with sizing for my own cable jumper and make good progress with it
* Make kids' picture books out of magazine picture collection

* Make good use of the 'business hour (10:30-11:30 Mn-Fr) 
Decided to drop this for now in favour of more study time.

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