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Cruelty-free Products

Latest Update: 13 April 2017

Here is a list of beauty product brands that are cruelty-free.  Not all use the Leaping Bunny logo, sadly, and many have no indication of their cruelty-free status on their packaging, but, to the best of my knowledge, none of the companies listed below market on the Chinese high street thus being subjected to compulsory pre and post market testing. If you are aware of any errors, please let me know and I'll happily amend the list.

Some are owned by parent companies (such as L'Oreal, Estee Lauder etc) and these are marked by *.  Some feel happy buying from these brands, some don't.  I decline to judge anyone's decision in this matter.

Lastly, these are all brands that are available in the UK.  Some are only/mostly available on-line and I'm stating that where relevant.  As you can see, there are a huge number of cruelty-free products available, so please support the ethical companies who make them.

Please note: This is a mostly 'second hand' list curated from those listed towards the bottom of the page.  Feel free to do further research if you feel it's necessary as I am unable to devote as much time as some do to the maintenance of this list, although I do subscribe to those who do regularly update.   Also, I usually don't contact companies directly as so many other cruelty free list owners have already done so and published the responses, so there is clearly no need to duplicate their work.

- 2true  (now only on-line)
- Alva (on-line)
- Anastasia Beverly Hills (on-line)
- Arbonne
- Ardell lashes (at Superdrug)
- Argos
- Asda
- Autograph (M&S)
- Avalon Organics (on-line)
- B by Superdrug
- Balance Me (on-line)
- * Bare Minerals
- Barry M
- Baylis and Harding - repsonse from their team on 6 March 2017: "I can confirm that we do not sell our products in China"
- Beauty UK
- Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC)
- Benecos (on-line)
- Bull Dog skincare for men
- * Burt's Bees - who have pulled back out of China
- Butter London (M&S and on-line)
- * The Body Shop
- Chantecaille (Space NK)
- Ciaté London (on-line)
- Collection
- The Co-operative
- Crazy Rumors (on-line and from Holland & Barrett)
- Charlotte Tilbury
- Cover FX (Space NK, House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols)
- Daniel Field
- Dentyl  - not sure about this one, can anyone confirm?
- * Dermalogica
- Diego Dalla Palma (M&S)
- Dolma (on-line)
- Dr Bronner's (on-line)
- Dr Hauscka
- Dr Organics
- Eco-Tools
- Elemis
- e.l.f. (on-line)
- Essential Care
- Eve Lom (online and through SpaceNK)
- Eyelure
- Faith in Nature
- Freedom Cosmetics
- Giovanni (on-line)
- Green People
- Hard Candy (on-line)
- Honesty
- Illamasqua (Debenhams)
- Inika Organics (on-line)
- it cosmetics (via some salons)
- Jane Iredale
- Jemma Kidd (on-line, try Amazon and e-bay)
- Kat Von D (available in some Debenhams stores)
- Kiko
- Korres (on-line - several sites, including Debenhams)
- Lavera (on-line)
- Lily Lolo (through salons and therapists - I think!)
- Limited Collection (M&S)
- Liz Earle (Boots - now owned by them, bought from Avon ☺)
- Lola (M&S)
- Lush
- Make-up Revolution
- Mark Jacobs Beauty (but not Fragrance - they are separate companies)
- Marks & Spencers
- Model's Own
- Molton Brown
- Montagne Jeunesse
- Morrisons
- * NARS
- Natural Collection (Boots)
- Neal's Yard Remedies
- Next
- No7
- * NYX (larger Boots)
- Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (on-line)
- Pacifica (on-line)
- Paul Mitchell
- Pixi
- Primark
- Pur Minerals (M&S)
- Real Techniques brushes
- * REN (on-line or at M&S)
- Rituals (at M&S)
- Sainsbury's
- Seventeen (Boots)
- Sleek
- * Smashbox
- So Eco brushes
- Soap and Glory
- Stila - recently withdrew from the Chinese market! ☺
- Suma Wholefoods
- Superdrug
- Tarte (on-line at qvcuk.com)
- Tesco
- The Balm (available at Superdrug)
- Thesis Beauty (on-line via Amazon)
- Tisserand Aromatherapy
- * Tom's of Maine
- * Too Faced
- Tropic (on-line and through representatives)
- * Urban Decay
- Waitrose

In case anyone is concerned about Boots, they are cruelty-free and have been for many years.  Some are concerned that they have operations in China, but these are only to do with the Boots Pharmaceutical arm of the business.  Boots have no retail presence in China owing to the animal testing laws there, and I've checked this both with ex-pats living in China and Chinese women.  Buy from Boots own brands with a clear conscience. =)  Here is a clear statement of Boots animal testing policy.

Try the Scottish beauty blog Soya Bean Beauty for good cruelty free and vegan beauty product information and see here for a good list of vegan make-up brands (currently off-line under construction - I'll update when available again), which also includes other brands not easily available in the UK.  I know there are many more, (see the Cruelty-Free International site for some ideas), but I've just listed the ones that are relatively easy to source on the high street, in wholefood stores and some that people may not realise could be bought in the UK on-line.

Here's another great cruelty free list by a UK blogger, and, of course there are the hugely popular and well respected lists by Suzy of Cruelty Free Kitty and Tashina from Logical Harmony who seem to be in the States, but whose lists can be very helpful as far as they apply to the UK market.

Many great products can be found on-line at Look Fantastic (which is also in the Nectar programme ☺), Ecco Verde and Beauty Bay.

For household care products, those seeking cruelty-free in the UK can choose from:

- Asda
- Astonish
- Bio-D
- The Co-operative
- Dr Bronner's
- Earth Friendly Products
- Ecosearch
- Ecover (Leaping Bunny Certified, although some have reservations owing to water flea experimentation in environmental toxicity tests during new product development)
- Ecozone
- Faith in Nature
- M&S
- Method (Leaping Bunny Certified, although some have reservations owing to water flea experimentation in environmental toxicity tests during new product development)
- Splosh
- Suma Wholefoods
- Superdrug
- Tesco
- Thesis (on-line via Amazon)
- Waitrose

There are a large number of other brands listing on the Cruelty Free International Site, so please check there if your favourite is not listed.  If there are any errors or omissions, please let me know, preferably with source information, thanks!

© Elizabeth Braun 2015-7


Hayley said...

I'm going cruelty free with my beauty products and i'm from the UK too :) this post was so helpful. Thanks :)


Nok Sirismatana said...

Big thanks for your informations! It's so useful to me

Sophie said...

Helpful, thanku xx

Anonymous said...

Eve Lom? Korres? REN?

Elizabeth Braun said...

Duly added, with notes as appropriate. Thanks! =)

Leanne O'callaghan said...

This was such a helpful I find it so hard to find cruelty free products on the high street! I've done a lot research to find brands I can trust and I would like to add that dermalogica is owned by a non-cruelty free company unfortunately :(
there are a few completely cruelty free (and mostly vegan) brands you can add to this list; Dr organics, giovanni, Pacifica, crazy rumours, avalon organics and a few other brands can be found in Holland and Barrett and ardell, eyelure, duo, batiste can be found in superdrug. All of the brands I've just listed don't have parent companies that test.
Freedom cosmetics, Palmers and zoella claim to be cruelty free but I'm not sure about the parent company.
Hope this helps some people out! :)

Leanne O'callaghan said...

Also I forgot about eco tools which is are completely cruelty free and vegan and is really easy to find they're sold in a lot of places like superdrug and even tesco! And I'm pretty sure tesco own brand is cruelty free but I may be wrong!
Raw organic coconut oil is also a really good and completely natural, you can use it for pretty much anything I use it for my hair, nails, face, body even to brush my teeth! And of course you can cook with it :)

Jess. said...

Hello there, thank you for this post, it's hard to go cruelty free in the UK before I saw this!! Unfortunately Burt's Bees will be outsourcing their products in China so they will not be Cruelty free in the future :( I saw this on crueltyfreekitty.com - hope this helps!!

Elizabeth Braun said...

Hi Jess! Thanks for that. I've now removed them from my list as I, coincidentally, read the same article the same day. It saddens me to hear that a foreign company can jump through all the hoops that the Chinese regulatory bodies present in order to avoid animal testing, but then find that their products are taken from stockists' shelves to be post-market animal tested and that they have been, basically, conned into setting up production operations in the country. This is shocking, but also shockingly typical and doesn't surprise me at all. (I have some professional knowledge of China etc.) I hope that Burt's Bees will follow The Body Shop's lead and withdraw from the Chinese market over this issue.

Unknown said...

I'm sad to say Too faced is owned by Estau Lauder. Also studio make up London is vegan, and is available in Superdrug. THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

Weleda sell in China and are therefore NOT cruelty free

karen x x said...

I use dutch brand rituals who to my knowledge are cruelty free. House of Fraserburgh and m&s sell their bath ranges but the full range including household as well as cosmetics is online only.

Arcacia said...

Thank you so much for clearing up the Boots/China fiasco! I have been hearing so many conflicting stories over the past two and a half years since I became more conscious of the whole matter! I used to ADORE No.7 makeup! I can't wait to go on a little spree now! :) x

Yvonne Walker said...

This is the email i recieved from Palmers admitting they sell in China.
Dear Yvonne,

Thank you for your email.

Palmer's is a "cruelty-free" company and does NOT conduct product tests on animals.

However, we do sell our products in China.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reply to this email or call us directly at 1-877-PALMERS (725-6377).


Delores J.
Product Specialist & Consumer Relations
E. T. Browne Drug Co., Inc.

________________________________https://overview.mail.yahoo.com/mobile/?.src=AndroidShow more

Elizabeth Braun said...

Thanks, that's great. I'll remove them with pleasure.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Thanks Leanne! I've added the ones that checked out as actually cruelty free. :)

Elizabeth Braun said...

Amended accordingly, but I can't find any reliable information about Studio London, so I've omitted them for the time being. Thanks! :)

Elizabeth Braun said...

I checked into this and have removed it, thanks! :)

Unknown said...

actually the only cruelty free cosmetics are the ones with leaping bunny logo (it's been for years) and it is not difficult to find the list of the brands https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/LeapingBunny
for a little book go to: https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/what-you-can-do/leaping-bunny/little-book-cruelty-free
as in fact the company statement that they DO NOT TEST their products on animals is worth nothing without the certificate.
Boots has never been approved by leaping bunny....

Elizabeth Braun said...

Thanks for your input. As you can see from reading the text surrounding the list above, I have both used and linked to the Leaping Bunny list.

Having said that, being CFI Leaping Bunny certified is *by no means* essential to being fully cruelty free any more than the Vegetarian or Vegan Societies' logos are essential to a product being actually suitable for vegetarians or vegans. There are many products which are cruelty free, but where the company has chosen not to invest in CFI certification and/or pay to use the logo. It's a matter of company policy and practice, *not* of external body approval.

Also worth bearing in mind is that some feel that Leaping Bunny certification isn't fully reliable as the required standards allow for such things as environmental toxicity testing on water fleas during new product development. Some see this as unacceptable and unethical.

So, whilst the Leaping Bunny scheme is useful and laudable, it is *most certainly NOT* the sole reliable benchmark for cruelty free products.

Candy Escandon said...

Hi dear! Im trying to support as much as I can the Cruelty Free Beauty industry but there are many brands that don't show the bunny logo like Mary Kay. Doing my own research, the company states it self as Cruelty Free. They sell in China as you may know but for the rest of the world they keep their Cruelty Free status. So, how could we know for sure if they say the truth or not? Mary Kay is a brand that I like so much and I would like to know what is the truth behind it. Best, Candy.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Hello Candy! Thanks for your question. I sympathise as there are several products I would love to use/continue to use, but which agree to animal testing "where the law requires it", i.e. in China. Regardless of whether they adhere to cruelty free standards elsewhere, the fact that they do submit to *and pay for* animal testing in even one place means that they fail to qualify as genuinely cruelty free. If the products you're interested in are sold on the Chinese high street, then they don't make the grade.

The blogs, lists and other resources I mentioned on this page can be very helpful in making a conscientious decision as they have researched the issue and often contacted the company for clarification. Mary Kay isn't on any cruelty free list that I'm aware of. You could also contact them yourself, but be aware that a genuinely cruelty free company will state its position very clearly. If the response is unclear, they say they test where the law requires it or that they market in China, then it's time to look around for new products to try. :)

RL Gill said...

Primark's own PS Love range of cosmetics is also cruelty free. Not the highest quality, but amazing for the price. They do great lipstick and cheap liners. Dirty Works is a nice affordable cruelty free brand (which explicitly says so on the packaging) that I love. Not sure where else it's sold but you can get it in Sainsbury's.
So glad Boots is cruelty free. I've only recently become enlightened about animal testing and since I'm poor i'm just slowly transitioning the old cruel stuff out, and the two products I was most reluctant to get rid of were my palmers cocoa butter (which I have about a 4 years supply of so that gives me plenty of time to find an alternative) and my boots tea tree & witchhazel backspray, which cleared my chronic bacne up in just 2 days and has kept it at bay since! Now that I know I don't have to quit the latter the transition has become that much easier on me! Thanks for making this.