Welcome to the Fluff! Here I blog my goals, especially my reading and studies, and my ongoing downscaling and using up of material stuff and working towards a more minimalist lifestyle.

By Age 50

List initially created: 18 Dec 2016, latest amendment: 11 Nov 2017.
Latest progress update: 13 Nov 2017
Number of entries:  157 (2 zipped - will be 15+)
Goals met (or dumped) and entry crossed out:  11/138
Tasks in progress:  9
Stalled items:  13


Large projects:

*Embroider a large project - house, garden or similar
*Start an Etsy shop
*Make my own clothes

Kits and Designs to be worked:

*Elizabethan Elegance blackwork runner
*'The Embroideress' blackwork
*'The Farewell' blackwork
*Liina table mat
*Design Perfection Red Admiral kit
*Coleshill butterfly stumpwork
Sell all of the above patterns/kits (where relevant)
*Texture Crafsty Course
*Goldwork Craftsy Course
*Stumpwork Craftsy Course
*Orange grove stumpwork
*Medieval Lady cross stitch
*Etui thingy


*Learn to cable
*Learn to crochet
*Make my own knitwear

Language Studies


Elementary texts - first year level

*Modern Chinese Beginners Course Vols 1&2
*Rapid Literacy in Chinese

Lower Intermediate texts - second year

*Elementary Chinese Readers Book 4
*Elementary Chinese Readers Supplement (i.e. Book 5)
*Practical Chinese Reader Book 3
*Modern Chinese Beginners Course Vol 3
*Spoken Chinese 2
*Chinese Readers Vol 2
*Chinese Readers Vol 4
*Colloquial Chinese 2
*Zoubian Zhongguo
*Practical Audio Visual Chinese Vol 3
*Practical Audio Visual Chinese Vol 4
*Intermediate Chinese Reading and Writing
*Chatting in Chinese
*Taiwan Today

Upper Intermediate Texts - third year

*Speaking in Chinese About China I
*Speaking in Chinese About China II
*Zhongguo Jianying
*Hanyu Zhongji Jiaocheng I
*Hanyu Zhongji Jiaocheng II
*Extensive Reading Course of Modern Chinese Vol 1
*Extensive Reading Course of Modern Chinese Vol 2
*Step by Step Chinese - Intermediate Reading
*Zhongguo Shidian I
*Zhongguo Shidian II
*Chinese for A Level
*Far East Everyday Chinese Vol 3 (revision of)
*Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol 5

Grammar and Vocab Workbooks, and Reference:

*Basic Chinese - A Grammar and Workbook
*Intermediate Chinese - A Grammar and Workbook
*Learning Chinese Measure Words
*Live ABC Picture Dictionary
*Chinese Frequency Dictionary - 500 Characters
*Fun with Chinese Characters Vol 1
*Fun with Chinese Characters Vol 2
*Fun with Chinese Characters Vol 3

Other Languages


*Auftakt 2
*Auftakt 3
*Auftakt 4
*German in Three Months
*Teach Yourself German
*Teach Yourself Improve Your German
*Hugo Taking German Further
*Langenscheidt Basic German Vocabulary and Workbook
*Letts Revise GCSE German
*German Frequency Dictionary
*Practice Makes Perfect German Sentence Builder
*Practice Makes Perfect German Pronouns and Prepositions
*Practice Makes Perfect German Verb Tenses
*Practice Makes Perfect German Conversation
*Practice Makes Perfect German Problem Solver


*French in Three Months
*Teach Yourself French
*GCSE Revision guide
*Practice Makes Perfect Basic French
*Practice Makes Perfect French Verb Tenses


*Teach Yourself Get Started in Dutch


*Practice Makes Perfect Basic Spanish
*Prisma de Ejercicios A1-A2
*Rocket Spanish Course (?? If needed)

General Reading

English Bible Translations:

*New World a chapter a day alone and once per 5 years with Martin
*New Revised Standard Bible
Decided to stop reading multiple translations and concentrate on more study once current additional readings are complete.


*Language Change
*In Other Words
*The Encyclopaedia of Language
*Farber Book
*Developing Professional​ Level Language Skills

History and area studies:

*Albert - Uncrowned King
*Contemporary Japan
*The China Dream
*Getting Along with the Chinese
*A Love-Hate Relationship with Taiwan


*The Half Hour Painter
*Need to Know - Drawing and Sketching
*The Embroiderer's Year
*HMS's World of Embroidery
*The Embroiderer's Country Album
*The Embroiderer's Countryside
*Embroidered Flowers
*Embroidered Butterflies
*Embroidered Birds
*Embroidered Animals
*Embroidered Gardens
*Embroidered Landscapes
*Needlepainting Embroidery, Fresh Ideas for Beginners

Other subjects:

*From Word to Kindle
*Refuse to Choose (review)
*DeBono's Thinking Course (review)
*Use Your Head (review only)
*Use Your Memory
*Double Your Learning Power
*Relearning to See
*The issues of National Geographic etc that we have

Science Studies

General and Interdisciplinary:

*DS3 The Earth and its Place in the Universe
*DS4 Unity Within Diversity to restudy
*DS5 Energy
*DS6 Our World and its Atoms
*DS7 The Quantum World
*DS8 Building with Atoms
*DS9 Continuity and Change
*DS10 Earth and Life Through Time
*DS11 Universal Processes
*DS12 materials
*GCSE Additional Science revision and workbook
*GCSE Physics revision and workbooks
*1000 Things to Know - Science
*1000 Things to Know - Space
*1000 Things to Know - Planet Earth
*1000 Things to Know - Human Body
*A Level Geography Revision CD-Rom
*Science Matters course (to expand on starting)
*Environmental Science (to expand on starting)


*GCSE Revision and workbook
*GCSE Revision CD-Roms
*A Level Revision CD-Rom


*GCSE Revision and workbook
*GCSE Revision CD-Roms
*A Level Revision CD-Rom
*Nutrition and Health


Get going on my viola again, although this is low priority.  Work through the following first position primers:

*Tune a Day Book 1
*Tune a Day Book 2
*Tune a Day Book 3
*Essential String Method Book 1 (revise)
*Essential String Method Book 2 (revise)
*Essential String Method Book 3
*Essential String Method Book 4
*Viola Time Joggers
*Viola Time Scales
*Essential Elements Book 1
*Essential Elements Book 2
*First Concert
*Superstudies Book 1
*First Repertoire for Viola Book 1
*First Repertoire for Viola Book 2
*Time Pieces for Viola Book 1
*Winners Galore for Viola
*Easy Position Tunes

Books to read or study up and clear out: 145 

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