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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

January goals

And here we go with the January list:

Priority is getting the house market sold and the final clearing done, including selling/clearing own surplus items (7)
- Documents - create a file of relevant paperwork for new owners (appliances and fittings that are staying etc), get rid of everything else
- Find some way of dealing with quilt etc
- 'Fur' coat, vintage and antique things to sell
- Clearing out of garage etc, including cleaning and giving away plant pots and other gardening things (if new owners don't want them)
- EBay Sugar Crush smellies, Auftakt and anything else I've finished with
- Donate or give away remaining items (friends, charity shops, Freecycle)
- Photo albums

Crafts (7)
* Finish Lilac Lace hardanger cushion  
* Finish Yunfei's jumper  
* Buy Sandie and Donna's yarns and measure them up
* Start Donna's cardy
* Progress china plate cross stitch 
* Embellish and finish up the L*K seasons hangings (summer, autumn, winter)
* Finish meadow embroidery

Study and Reading (6)
* Finish 'Meeting China - Intermediate' 
* Study first 10 stories in the 'Jesus' book (we don't have this in Chinese, Glenis, so we have only done the odd chapter when visiting an English meeting)
* Read to at least chapter 9 of the 'Pure Worship' book
* Fully study all allotted sections of the 'Teach Us' book (our new CBS title, G)
* Finish 'Agriculture'  
* Start either 'Exploring The Deep Oceans' or 'Insulin'

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Glenis said...

I find it interesting, how much new slants they've put in the Jesus book, on top of what was in Greatest Man. Dec. broadcast was SO good for us; we've moved! Txt me yr email if you want a full catch-up :-)

Rachel said...

There are some nice, photogenic things for us to see on Instagram, anyway!