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Friday, 6 September 2019

September plans

It's time I got back into working towards my goals for the year and today is always the best time to make a start, so here we go:

Home and Garden
* Complete the intermediate clear-out of mum's things  almost done now, just a few crocks, books, documents and stuff from the desk to go through
* List my black shoes, silverware etc on eBay
* Empty all the 'finished' plant pots
* Make a start on tidying up the grass verge edges, if strength allows

* Finish Rachel Wang's jumper  
* Finish meadow embroidery  
* Start Red Admiral embroidery
* Prepare layout for cross stitch winter scenes (3 small, coordinating kits to go on one piece of fabric).

Study and Reading
* Get up to date with journal reading  
* Study up 3 old journals  
* 'Meeting China Intermediate' to chapter 10  
* Finish Helen M Stevens' 'World of Embroidery'
* Catch up missed months of 'The Embroiderer's Year'
* Start 'The Half Hour Painter'

I also hope to lose another 3-4lbs. I lost about 3lbs last month after going right up to 10st 1 (141lbs/64kg). Mum always had so many sweets, chocolates, biscuits and cakes around the house that it was hard avoiding them. Most of the time I failed and/or didn't really try. Needed comfort food a lot too. Of course, she's gone now - sleeping peacefully and safely in the grave, waiting for the call back to life on a cleansed and paradisiac earth, where she can garden to her heart's content. In the meantime, I can shift some of the goodie weight and feel more comfy. :) 

I miss her and often find myself thinking, 'Must ask/tell mum about that', but we're coping well enough.  The house will go on the market soon, so we'll have to move again, but I'll concern myself with that when the sale is going through ok. 

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Glenis said...

So sorry to hear about your mum, but as you say, it has a positive side. 3.5 years on, I still think "must tell Mum..." or when a new Caleb video appears... she did love him so much. :-) Cyberhugs to you both.

Rachel said...

Cyberhugs from us, too.

At least you know what you need to do, and you've too much sense, I hope, to beat yourself up over the occasional day off, expecially when they happen whether you thought you wanted them or not.