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Friday, 7 June 2019

For the rest of June....

.... I will tackle the following:

Home and Garden
* Make good progress on the veggie bed area. If possible, use the yard soil/compost to help raise the beds
* Pot peppers, chillies and aubergines to their final homes (several new pots needed)
* List the shoes on eBay
* Get rid of the charity bags to shops

* Make a nice card for Sir for our 20th
* Finish Paradise Island background  filling in main section
* Finish dk jumper pieces  working on last piece
* Take PI to be framed
* Get help for circular parts of the dk jumper (on 22nd - go to Baa Ram Ewe crafternoon)
* Start a baby knit for Noemie (and Bingley Show)
* Start counted work cushion cover
* Start Red Admiral embroidery

Study and Reading
* Get up to date with journal reading  0.6/3
* Study up 3 journals
* 'Practical Chinese Reader 3' to chapter 7
* Finish Auftakt 2 to about p100 (from p26)
* Finish Helen M Stevens' 'World of Embroidery'

But today I'm still bushwhacked and am going to chill...

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Rachel said...

Chilling sounds a great preparation. There's no point in being shattered before you even begin...