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Sunday, 10 February 2019

Goals to 28 February 2019

I'm part way through already, but here's the list for Feb. Thanks to an '8 By Equinox' (20 March) quarterly challenge I joined in, I'm actually getting a fair bit done. :) Maybe quarterly goals work better for me.

Latest update: 10 February 2019
Completed:  2/20
In progress:  10/18

* Only eat sweets on Saturdays  Doing fairly well so far this month
* Go to bed early  
* Be as active as I can - walk, gardening etc.
* Finish clearing the detritus pile
* Do the shrub pruning.

* List the shoes and Body Shop 'can't uses' on eBay
* Finish 'warm ivory foundation sample  in progress
* Finish Shea body butter  well in progress
* Finish Body Shop conditioner  almost gone
* Finish 2 lippies and work on 3 more  all in progress

* Finish my red chunky knit  Done!
* Knit some yarn swatches for wool wash testing
* Start mum's bed 'cape'  Materials all bought
* Progress 'Paradise Island'
* Start purple super chunky knit

* Finish 'Spoken Chinese 2'  Done! AT LAST - YAY!
* Finish 'German in Three Months'  2/5.3
* Progress 'Colloquial Chinese 2'  3/12
* Finish with and return 'Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet'  in progress
* Study 8 more articles  2/8

I have hopes of cracking about 75-80% of this lot!

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Rachel said...

Quarterly goals give you a bit more leeway to allow for the way some weeks and months are more productive than others!