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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Home run on goals for 2018

Completed:  11/20
In progress:  8 more to some degree

* Lose 2lbs  didn't really try
* Go to bed at 9.30pm whenever possible   Done!
* Exercise most days (walks and/or gardening)   the first half of the time period, yes. Afterwards, not so much.

* Finish clearing the lawn  Done!
* List shoes on e-bay  new photos taken, need to get the listing done
* Take all giveaway books to uni  Done!
* Repair lampshade and re-'hang'  Done!
* Sort baking tins  Done!

* Get well on with the paradise island cross stitch  in progress
* Finish lavender bags  Done!
* Start Sophia's Red Admiral piece  took out and pressed the fabric, but decided to change it and retrace the over-detailed outline or it'll look terribly badly worked. Cheap kits, ugh! 
* Finish the t-shirt  Done! Still can't quite believe I got this done!
* Finish my new black cardigan  Done! However, it needs altering as the back and sleeves are not high enough. Got the advice needed at the Harrogate Show. :)
* Finish Sir's scarf  Done!
I also got 2 new chunky knits started - both backs done and fronts well in progress, made a cushion cover for Sir and a cuahion pad, which still needs some msre stuffing.

* Finish 'Spoken Chinese 2'   5/14 Am I ever going to finish this beast?? It's not even got long chapters!
* Start another Chinese textbook
* Finish 'Revise GCSE German'  29/29 vocab to write up
* Restart 'German in Three Months'
* Journal studies, S2, E1 Done! Plus S3 (this won't mean anything to others)
* Restart 'DS5 - Energy'  Done! p12/57, but got stalled again.

I'm ok with progress on this lot. I've had 2 colds and various other things going on, so this is fine.

Here's December:

* Try to only eat sweets on Saturdays
* Deal with the swollen abdomen, if poss
* Continue going to bed very early

* Clear ground needed for blackcurrant bush and raspberry canes
* List the shoes on eBay
* Finish renewing Go Bag supplies
* Finish up 8 of the 10 lippies I'm working on (almost all gone)

* Finish red moss stitch, cable sleeve jumper
* Finish black cable front jumper
* Alter black cardigan
* Finish Sir's cushion pad
* Start mum's bed 'cape'
* Progress 'Paradise Island'
* Do some new freestyle work - piece tbc

* Finish 'Spoken Chinese 2'   0/9
* Note all vocab from GCSE German revision guide
* Finish 'German in Three Months'
* Journal study: S4(i), S4(ii), E1, E2

Maybe I should make every chapter or article a separate entry, then I could cross out loads more!!!  Just might.... ;)

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Glenis Pickering said...

Well done!
I think Nov. was a decent month all round; I won't claim I did all I wanted (and even less of all I scheduled) but last night's review showed better than I'd realised. :-)

Rachel said...

I think you've done pretty well. I'm just trying not to overdo things...

Anonymous said...

Wow, very well done. I should take inspiration and start making lists of to do's for all month.