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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Starting up with goals lists again - July 2018

It's been a while, but I've realized how much I rely on 'To Do' and goals lists in order to get anything done.  

Plenty has happened and changed in the past 6 months too, including having moved out of our old place when the owner put the rent up way beyond what we were prepared to pay for a place in need of so much renovation. We moved into mum's upper floor as she only uses the ground floor these days, which meant having to clear out all her stuff and even re-arrange the downstairs in order to fit us all in! After that, we cleared and mucked out the garage and have begun to get the garden under control after about a decade of neglect for the front and lower back sections and not having been properly cared for for more like 25 years at the upper back. Clearing overgrown geraniums is a long and arduous task! Ack!

So, here's what I want to get done before the end of next month (including the progress made during these first 2 days). I'll possibly add to it, but hopefully not too much.

* Make out a budget for the rest of the year  Pretty much done, just need to work out the food budget in more detail

* Reduce weight to under 9 stone, starting at approx 9st3. 
I'd lost 4 pounds and got down to 9st1 just before a fortnight in Germany and Switzerland, but gained 2lbs back over there. Now to get back down to it!

* Finish mum's waistcoat
* Get well on with the paradise island cross stitch
* Try to remove fabric paint from blue, hand-dyed calico
* Meadow scene freestyle - with a fresh piece of fabric, not the lurid object above.

* Clear all the geranium roots from the garden (30-60 mins per day) first bed started
* Finish the garage clear out and re-organization
* Finish boxes etc around the house (inc sales stuff)  Amazon store reactivated

* Read and return immune system book  Reading started
* Finish with and return veggie/vegan 5:2 book  Finished with and reviewed the most important bits. Will return v soon.
* Make some progress reading the organic gardening book
* Make some progress with the veganic gardening book

* Finish 'Spoken Chinese 2'
* Finish 'Revise GCSE German'
* Do first lot of journal studies

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Rachel said...

No wonder you've been so quiet! We also have some furniture-moving coming up....!

Glenis Pickering said...

I need goals too, but it gets a bit demoralising when you never meet them, and the last 2 months have been dire. Onward...