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Thursday, 1 February 2018

January Goals Results

Completed:   4/20
In progress:  9/16

Clearing out, admin and necessary tasks:

* Complete the Go Bag project   almost everything bought, one or two more things to sort/collect
* List all sales stuff - spare threads, mags, perfume, shoes, and offer some things to friends   giveaways done, donations prepared and Amazon listings done
* Song project   initial file handling done, plus 54/151 songs retyped and reconfigured, 0 more in progress atm. Very. Long. Job! 30 hours so far...  
* Building Society standing order changes, close old account and sort out some home contents insurance   2/3 done
* Sort through book boxes and living room shelves, (aiming to jettison 100 books) and update Book Inventory page with accurate figures   Done! 160-ish removed!
* Mending and altering tasks: M's shirt, M's vest, my coat, my black cardigan   Done!

Reading and Study

* NRSV to at least end of Corinthians   John - Acts
* Finish Chinese NWT   Done!
* Finish DS4 CD-Rom
* Finish DS5
* Finish 'Spoken Chinese 2'
* Finish reviewing 'Revise GCSE German'
* Finish 'German in Three Months'
* Vocab project: TYG, GCSEG, G3M, SC2, WTs
* Read January chapter of 'The Embroiderer's Year'  Done! 
* Read 'Embroidered Flowers'   on p24/94


* Finish my cable knit jumper   sleeves done, back rib in progress,.  I pulled out the entire back and have restarted it as the whole things was both too long and FAR too wide!
* Work on cross stitch project aiming to finish sky/background section   started - finished blue, back on with palm fronds.  Did a fair amount, then spotted a fundamental error and had to pull most of it out.  Depressing!
* Start rose needle painting
* Re-start creative bloggingText and images

So that was it for January.  I 'cheated' in a way, because I wanted to keep the number of goals to only 20, so I bunched a few up and actually had as many as usual!!  So, had I spaced them out as I normally do, then there would have been a fair few more completions. :)

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Rachel said...

I know the "Finished" number isn't high, but in fact, I think you've got a lot done...