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Thursday, 1 February 2018

January Goals Results

Completed:   4/20
In progress:  9/16

Clearing out, admin and necessary tasks:

* Complete the Go Bag project   almost everything bought, one or two more things to sort/collect
* List all sales stuff - spare threads, mags, perfume, shoes, and offer some things to friends   giveaways done, donations prepared and Amazon listings done
* Song project   initial file handling done, plus 54/151 songs retyped and reconfigured, 0 more in progress atm. Very. Long. Job! 30 hours so far...  
* Building Society standing order changes, close old account and sort out some home contents insurance   2/3 done
* Sort through book boxes and living room shelves, (aiming to jettison 100 books) and update Book Inventory page with accurate figures   Done! 160-ish removed!
* Mending and altering tasks: M's shirt, M's vest, my coat, my black cardigan   Done!

Reading and Study

* NRSV to at least end of Corinthians   John - Acts
* Finish Chinese NWT   Done!
* Finish DS4 CD-Rom
* Finish DS5
* Finish 'Spoken Chinese 2'
* Finish reviewing 'Revise GCSE German'
* Finish 'German in Three Months'
* Vocab project: TYG, GCSEG, G3M, SC2, WTs
* Read January chapter of 'The Embroiderer's Year'  Done! 
* Read 'Embroidered Flowers'   on p24/94


* Finish my cable knit jumper   sleeves done, back rib in progress,.  I pulled out the entire back and have restarted it as the whole things was both too long and FAR too wide!
* Work on cross stitch project aiming to finish sky/background section   started - finished blue, back on with palm fronds.  Did a fair amount, then spotted a fundamental error and had to pull most of it out.  Depressing!
* Start rose needle painting
* Re-start creative bloggingText and images

So that was it for January.  I 'cheated' in a way, because I wanted to keep the number of goals to only 20, so I bunched a few up and actually had as many as usual!!  So, had I spaced them out as I normally do, then there would have been a fair few more completions. :)

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Rachel said...

I know the "Finished" number isn't high, but in fact, I think you've got a lot done...

Anonymous said...

I found you on cruelty free kitty comment section and I'm very concerned for you that you think sunscreen causes cancer!! Please do more research! 🙏

Elizabeth Braun said...

Thanks for your comment and concern, what I *actually* said was:

"The 4th, however, is one of the main factors in the current huge vitamin D deficiency endemic. An estimated 50% of people are deficient in this vital nutrient formed mainly from sun exposure and whose production is completely halted at SPF 15+. 🙁 I had a brush with borderline severe deficiency last year and it was horrible!

The sun doesn’t cause cancer and ageing, toxins do. The sun is detoxifying and brings toxic substances to the surface for removal. Sometimes they can also react with sunlight once at the surface and cause problems. The best approach is to eat wholefoods vegan and keep poisons such as caffeine, alcohol and smoking etc to a minimum."

The article was on 4 skincare resolutions, the 4th being to always wear SPF, even on cloudy days. Nowhere does my comment say that sunscreen causes cancer!

Frankly, *I'm* very concerned that people don't read things properly, then take action on that misunderstanding!