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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

July into August

Greetings!  It's the first day of the new month and time for an update on goal work.

For July I set 30 individual tasks to do.  I completed 11 of them, worked on 10 more and left 9 untouched.  There's something quite well flowing about those numbers, isn't there?  My desire for balance likes that, LOL!

Here's a summary:

* Remedial Exercises once or twice daily, including at least one wobble board session per day   restarted on 7th and managed to do them for a few days, but I had another illness and was mad busy/tired, so it didn't go too well in the end.  I did something though, so that's better than a slap 'round the face with a wet haddock!
* Keep up food plan, aiming to lose between two and five more pounds this month   I kept more or less to my diet, but not well enough to lose any more weight.  I don't think I've regained any yet, but it's hard to tell at the moment with hormonals.  I'll be in a better position to tell where I am with this after the next period - whenever that might be...  I am sick of feeling gnawingly hungry though! =(  It's so much easier when I'm up to exercising as I can eat more and, for some mad reason, feel less empty!
* Start gentle tone up and flexibility exercises adding a little more every few days/week  Nah, didn't get to this

Domestic and Downscale
* Finish the Go Bag!  What a surprise, I didn't get to it - again!  Really must deal with this during the next month.  So much is actually already done and in a bag (first aid kit, self-heating meals and a few other emergency supplies as well as 2x 5litre bottles of water near the door to grab on the way out and a large folded shopping bag ready to load food from the storage area down there into, and important docs scanned and on 2 lots of cloud storage), but I need to check it all through and plug any gaps.
* Finalise make-up clear-out and give away 'cast offs'   Done!
* Take 15 books to the university book give-away areas   I listed 3 or 4 books on Amazon marketplace and selected about 20 more ready to be taken to the Uni and/or a charity shop (also 18 stitching magazines and 5 more patterns for either donation or e-bay listing).  They just need taking.
* Trip to the tip to deal with junk downstairs   Done!  I sorted it all out and Sir took it. ☺
* Sort out all textiles to go and take them to the charity shop for ragging/Oxfam warehouse   Ready to go, just need taking.

Stuff to buy:
* Buy new bath towel set   Done!
* Digital camera (S)   Done!
* 'Herbal HRT'   Done!
* Display stands (S)   Done!
Unsurprisingly, I managed to do all the buying tasks ok! ☺

Reading and Study
* NRSV Bible Isaiah 30 - end of Jeremiah  Isaiah - Jeremiah 19  had a couple of good runs, then lots of total neglect of this one!
* Complete 10 chapters of 'Relearning to See'   3.5/10
* Catch up kr book study from whilst I've been ill    0.4/2 chapters
* Vocab transfer from WTs   Still not touched, but more added to the pile of mags
* Finish 'Modern Chinese Beginners Course Vol 3'   7/15 chapters - managed half a chapter of this several mornings whilst drinking my breakfast smoothie.  That really helped both to get more of this done and also to stop me wasting time on my tablet first thing, which often eats up a lot more time than I realise at the time.
* Finish Discovering Science Book 3    2/9 chapters.  I got a bit back into it, then it fell by the wayside again, but I really want to finish this course ASAP as I want to sell it on and also get rid of the technology I need to complete it - i.e. video player, old laptop etc.  Same goes for another OU course, actually.  I need to get my finger out.  Maybe autumn will be better once Show season is over for the year??

* Get to at least 85% on 'Paradise Island' cross stitch   Still untouched
* Rose needle painting and mount in card  (S)  Nope, not yet
* Finish black/rose print t-shirt (first practice sewing straight)   Not got to this yet, either, although I did have to make something up on the machine (see below), and so I suppose there was some sewing straight practice there.  It's hard! :(
* Finish my black chunky cardy   Again, not done.  Hope to finish these last two during August
* Revamp beaded hardanger cushion   Done!  This included remaking up the whole thing on the machine.
* Revamp miniature silk wedding cushion   Done!  I actually just pressed it properly in the end.
* Start on bag making tasks (Sat-Nav pouch, hard drive pouch, backpack, knitting bag, manicure pouch)   Didn't get to these either.  Part of the problem is a lack of deadline for them.
* Make kids' picture books out of magazine picture collection   Ditto
* Mounting C&G samples for show(s)  Done!
* Retouch 'Bluetits and Seedheads' XS and get it framed  (S)  Done!
* Blogging catch up - 'Welcome' post for Pintangle visitors, blog the violet thread painting, the green/cream baby cardy and the anniversary card, plus Show prep stuff.   Welcome post done, but nothing more since.  I've totally gone off the boil when it comes to embroidery blogging.  I only just remembered, as I'm typing this, that I didn't mark my blog-o-versary back in late June either!  That makes 2½ years now that I've been lax with blogging.  I think the bottom line is that I'm just not that bothered about it any more.  I keep thinking of posting schedule ideas and so on, but it's really not happening and I know that, although I don't want to delete it or 'close' it as such, deep down I'm just no longer interested in building it up and maintaining it.  I'll just post here and there if and when I want to.
* Enter and attend Bingley and Ryedale Shows (S)   Done! Won 12 prizes (=£45!) and 1 trophy. :)

So, that was July.


Well, apart from reprising all the formerly neglected task, I've signed up for a watercolour challenge, so that should be fun to complete.  I also have one more Show this month in a couple of weeks' time.  Not sure how much I'll enter as I don't have many new pieces and it's one that requires 'new and unwashed' items.  I'll give the manager a call and check if there's a time limit in mind for 'new' and see what I have that might fit the bill.

Now to sort out the full list in the usual place.  Just gimme a few mins to type it up......

Minimalism update post coming up soon too!

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