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Saturday, 1 July 2017

From June to July

Another very not stellar month, but now I know why:

I have a Vitamin D deficiency.  Apparently, it's very common, especially at higher latitudes when the sun isn't often high enough to produce UVB rays (or even out at all!).  According to my blood test results info, one should have over 75 nmol/L of 'base' Vitamin D (actually a pre-hormone), and I had only 26.  So, I've got some huge dose tablets from the doc to take each week and I bought a spray for the intervening days so I can get levels back up more quickly and steadily, and then keep them there long-term.  I've been getting as much sun on my skin as I can, but the sun isn't a frequent visitor to my area, so that option is quite limited.  I've started hinting about winter sun holidays too!!!

So, that's why I've been a tad on the unwell side lately.  Vitamin D affects so very many processes and I read that there are Vitamin D receptors all over the body.  I never realized it was so important and, frankly, would never have thought of it myself, so I'm grateful for a doctor who was on the ball enough to think of it.

Anyway, I've done a bit of goal-work over the past month and here's a summary based on last month's goals list, including some starting points for July's list (full list in the usual place):

- I mostly stuck to my low oil diet etc and don't seem to have re-gained any of the 7 or 8 pounds I'd lost from mid March to mid May, so that's been a comfort.
- Over the last week or so I've been able to get out walking most days again, so exercise has re-begun.
- I also fished out my wobble board and have begun posture toning with that as well as doing a few shoulder remedial exercises when in pain.   
* I need to get all the above back on a regular basis and hope to lose 2-5lbs more this month.

Domestic etc
- I haven't finished the Go Bag, but I have started work on it in that I bought one or two supplies to go in it and also thought carefully about the most likely hazards we might encounter.  Fire is the most likely, I would say.  Most of the city would need to be completely submerged before we had any flood risk where we live and, apart from freak winter cold snaps and wind storms, that's it for any natural disaster risk.  We're also out in a leafy suburb - a low risk for terrorist attack.  But I really do need to get this task completed.
- I cleaned the bathroom window at last.
- I pretty much decided which cosmetic products to give away and have just held onto them as I'm trying to match up a couple of eye-shadow shades in a palette (might de-pot those 2 in the end).
- Books to give away and other stuff is mostly ready, just needs taking.
* We still need to make a 'Tip trip' and clear out the clutter downstairs
* I also still need to buy the bathroom towel set.  I've found one I like the look of, it's just a question of getting it.

Reading and Study
- I read the NRSV through to Isaiah 29, so not as much as I'd hoped, but at least I closed the gap and made some progress with it.
* Read to the end of Jeremiah this month
- I only did a bit of 'Relearning to See', but it was interesting and * I want to crack on with it.
- Made very little progress with any catching up, but I did move on a couple of chapters in both my science and Chinese textbooks, so that was a bonus.

- I finished the green and cream baby cardy, complete with pretty stitchery.
- I started the pink and white one, but am having to re-think this one as the yarn is using up way too quickly and, as it was meant to help me use up odds and ends, I'm not thrilled with the idea of having to buy another ball.  Might change to another pattern that better lends itself to two colour work.  It being a bamboo and cotton mix yarn adds to the problem as it'll be very much a summer garment, so I'm going to have think about making a larger size, ready for next summer.
- I made a blackwork type card for Sir for our anniversary and plan to put that in a Show or two this summer.
- Finished the button band on my black cardy, but was really focusing on baby knits as they really do have a shelf life.  I hope not to grow any more, but would be concerned if the infants didn't!
- I did both of the blog interviews and one of the 'welcome' posts for the article that went live earlier this week on the Kreinik Threads blog.
* The Pintangle TAST interview is due to be published on 13th of this month, so I'll be getting that 'welcome from xx' post done soon.  Maybe even this weekend.
* Actually, I have a lot of blogging to get caught up on, so that's something I can aim for this month.

So, I think I completed five of the June goals and worked on 11 more.  Considering the rather unfavourable circumstances, I don't think that's too bad. ☺

I'm now going to sort out the July list in full.

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Rachel said...

Hmm. At least now you have the diagnosis, and you can do something about it. I think I've heard recently that it's being suggested that pretty much everyone in the north is at risk of deficiency, especially in the winter. And of course it builds because if you're poorly you don't go out as much, so the sunshine (such as it is) doesn't get a chance....