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Friday, 2 June 2017

Changeover from May to June

Well, May was a bit of a damp squib!  Hardly surprising seeing that I was either ill, had one of my headaches/light headedness or was horribly tired (i.e. could do very little) for almost, if not every single day of the month!  June has also started off on a low note, but where there's life there's always hope, so I'm setting out the plans for the month as usual. ☺

First of all the results of the 20 goals set in May. I met five of them and worked on six more - two quite close to completion, so at least something was accomplished.

During May I:

* renewed my passport and was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly I got it back - only 8 days from sending off the application to what I think was their own courier delivery of the new one.
* decided not to read any more of a book I'd been neglecting and crossed that off.  Obviously I wasn't that interested if I hadn't been reading it, so onto the give-away shelf it went!
* studied half a chapter of my science book.  I probably would have read more, but I got to a TV/video sequence and that broke it up as I need to get the telly out for that. (Yes, seriously!)
* knit the baby hat to match the cream matinee coat I'd done before, which was on my list for the month, plus knit one complete cardy and one almost complete that weren't on the list (although one was on my 2017 goals list).
* embroidered a hardanger sympathy card.
* completed knitting all the main pieces of my black chunky cardy and began on the first button band.
* made a two-tone t-shirt at a 'sewing with knit fabrics' workshop on 10th.  Just need to stitch the bottom hem in place, but first urgently need to practice sewing in a straight line!!!
* read the intro and first chapter of 'Relearning to See', which was quite exciting.  Looking forward to getting on with that, although I've noticed I read less these days in favours of watching TV on my tablet computer.... Not good!
* did some of the NRSV Bible reading: Ps 119-Prov 6, Song 1 - Isaiah 6.
* continued with my lard reduction plan as far as I could given the circumstances.  I couldn't exercise much, or even do my remedials very often, but I did stick to the food part of it.  I haven't weighed myself for a while owing to hormonal crazies, including water weight fluctuations as it's just not 'steady' at the moment.  I decided to dispense with 'weights and measures' until things have settled again.  It seems menopause is also at least partly responsible for infections and slow recovery as it can knock your immune system halfway across town and make you crashingly tired.  It'll pass in time. ☺
* finished up a lip gloss quad I'd been working through for a while (from my use up list)

Here's what I'd like to do in June, several of which are quick-ish one-offs and finish-ups:

* Remedial Exercises once or twice daily (when not ill!!)
* Keep up food plan (maybe even get down to 9st this month if hormonals settle and I can get a reliable set of measurements)
* Start tone up and flexibility exercises adding a little more every few days/week

Domestic etc
* Finish the Go Bag! Sir said he'd be doing this with me last week, but it didn't happen....
* Clean bathroom window
* Finalise make-up clear-out and give away 'cast offs'
* Take 15 books to the university book give-away areas (probably need a couple of trips for this one - weight!)
* Trip to the tip to deal with junk downstairs (need to organise this with Sir)
* Sort out all textiles to go and take them to the charity shop for ragging/Oxfam warehouse
* Buy new, navy blue towel set

Reading and Study
* NRSV Bible Proverbs 11 - 31 and Isaiah 7 - 66
* Read 10 chapters of 'Relearning to See'
* Catch up kr book study from whilst I've been ill
* Catch up some of the WT articles
* Vocab transfer from Chinese WTs
* Do some language and science study

* Get to at least 85% on 'Paradise Island' cross stitch
* Do some other embroidery (prob. meadow scene and/or rose NP)
* Finish black/rose print t-shirt
* Finish my black chunky cardy
* Finish green/cream baby cardy
* Knit pink/white baby cardy
* Start on bag making tasks (Sat-Nav pouch, hard drive pouch, backpack, knitting bag, manicure pouch)
* Make kids' picture books out of magazine picture collection
* Deal with overdue blog interview questionnaires and prepare a welcome post for any extra traffic their publishing might create.  (Oh, and yes, I changed this blog name back to the original.  The other two I tried just didn't feel right.)

The Bingley Show is 22 July, so I'm going to need to get some entries sorted out for that too.  Some of these might make it into the pile, we'll see how they turn out and what else I have on hand.

Let's get cracking! ☺

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Rachel said...

Here's hoping for fewer health issues in June...

Glenis Pickering said...

Sorry to hear it was a sickening May. :-( but nice to have Fluffy back :-)
I managed to get one of my Red ones off the List in May - but only one, and only because May has 31 days!