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Monday, 1 May 2017

Results are in for April, plus goal list for May.

... and it wasn't tremendously inspiring last month either!  I think that I do really well on my goals the first time I set a series after a long break.  I feel really motivated and keen to get as many as possible completed.  After that, it just goes down and up and back down again until I drop the idea for a while.  Then we start again with a major productivity push!!

Last month I completed eight of the 28 items and got one more as far as I was going to for the time being as it needed, basically, re-starting when I had more experience.  What I did get done was:

* Deal with fridge freezer  Done!
* Clean bathroom wall - dust on artex  Done!
* NRSV Bible Psalms 63 - Song of Solomon  Ps 63 - 118 & Ecclesiastes
* Finish 'Getting Along With the Chinese'  0.6/11 remaining chapters
* Finish reading 'The Help' and pass on to Ellie  Done!
* Catch up WT & LMMWB bits and pieces  LMMWB bits done, WT stuff not only not done, but increased in quantity!
* Embroidery on cream baby knit  Done!
* Finish knitting pink scarf  Done!
* Start black chunky cardy  Done!
* Sort the sizing for my own cable jumper and get on with it  Just finishing sizing problem, then shelving until 2 simpler knits are done. More experience needed!
* Start on bag making tasks (backpack, knitting bag, manicure pouch)  bought backpack pattern
* Finish invisible hemming pink skirt  Done!
* Get stretch knit fabrics (from winter fabric collections) for future clothes sewing projects  Done!

Everything else was totally untouched during the month - including all but two of the red tasks from last time, from which I can conclude that putting them in red doesn't work for me.  To be honest, I'm still doing the stuff I'm actually bothered about.  When it comes to the Go Bag, I think my laxness in attending to it shows how concerned I am about disasters happening in the area.  It is part done and has self-heating meals, a good first aid kit, painkillers, Savlon soap, insulating blanket thingies and some other stuff in, plus I've scanned and uploaded my personal ID documents etc to two different cloud services and there are two large bottles of water near the door ready to grab in an emergency, so I'm not entirely unprepared....

Moving swiftly on!!

Here's my list for May, much less detailed in some areas and reinstating the health/exercise categories.

* Remedial Exercises twice daily - when not ill!!
* Lose 4lbs more - I've lost 7lbs already (started a shave off 10st), so goal weight at end of month will be 9st 2lbs.  I've been losing an average of 1lb per week since mid-March and am very pleased with progress so far.
* Start tone up & flexibility exercises adding a little more every few days/week

Domestic  & Admin
* Finish that blasted Go Bag, if only to get the dratted thing OUT of the living room and downstairs near the door where it belongs.
* Clean bathroom window
* Renew passport - we didn't have the money for it last month, but this time it should be ok.  A friend in Germany died and I don't even have the option to go to any memorial service for her as I can't travel internationally right now!

Reading and Study
* NRSV Bible Psalms 119, Proverbs, Song of Solomon & most of Isaiah
* Finish 'Getting Along With the Chinese' from 4.6, or I may just dump it as I have so many other titles I've plainly lost interest in actually reading.
* Read at least half of 'Relearning to See'
* Catch up WT bits and pieces, which increased from last month.
* Vocab transfer from WTs
* Do some language and/or science study

* Get on with 'Paradise Island cross stitch    65-70% complete so far
* Do some other embroidery
* Make a t-shirt - at a workshop on sewing with knit fabrics I'm going to on 10th
* Finish black chunky cardy
* Knit Veli baby hat
* Knit Tang baby cardy
* Start on bag making tasks (Sat-Nav bag, backpack, knitting bag, manicure pouch)
* Make kids' picture books out of magazine picture collection

Let's see how it goes.

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Rachel said...

Even deciding you need more experience and putting something aside is a useful thing to have made concrete. It's easy to think vaguely "Maybe I should do something else first" but deciding you have to then helps you to decide what those somethings are, and stops any fretting about the the original project...