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Friday, 31 March 2017

Goals for April

I'm not even going to bother posting the end of March stuff, 'cos it was such a lousy month for goal work.  In fact, it was a really slow month for most things and I can't think that I got much done, except that I seem to have lost 2 or 3 of the 15-20lbs I hope to get rid of so that I can get back into my clothes and look better in the ones I plan to make.  So, that's good, but I haven't finished a single book, met a single reading challenge, done more than a stitch or two of embroidery, studied much at all....  I did knit a premature baby cardy and trimmed it up, as well as got around to trimming up a knit from last month, but that's pretty much all.  I actually only completed one goal from the March list of 25! Must be an all time low.  Well, the only way is up, right??

I loved Glenis's idea of putting a task in red that had been on the list more than 2 months already, so this version here will show those items in embarrassing vibrance.  Some are already on their 5th time on recent lists alone, i.e. were carried through from lists from previous years! [Imagine that horrified emoji here!!!]  The two in darker red are ones that have appeared in some form twice before, but not quite as they are here (i.e. they just need finishing and/or the project is further on, but still dragging on).

28 items in total this time:

Domestic and Admin
* Deal with fridge freezer
* Finish the Go Bag
* Clean bathroom window
* Clean bathroom wall - dust on artex
* Go through book boxes (3) for any to sell etc
* Renew passport

Reading and Study
* NRSV Bible Psalms 63 - Song of Solomon
* Finish 'Getting Along With the Chinese'  4/15
* Read 'Relearning to See'
* Finish reading 'The Help' and pass on to Ellie
* Catch up WT & LMMWB bits and pieces
* Finish 'Discovering Science Book 3' (chs 8 - 18)
* Complete 'Modern Chinese Beginners Course' vol 3 (chs 59b - 75)
* 'Fun With Chinese Characters Vol 1'  (12 - 40)
* 'Beijing's Courtyards' reader (chs 1 - 5)
* Chinese vocab transfer from recent study material - 3 x WTs, Imitate & Kingdom books
* Finish 'Teach Yourself German' (ch 17b to end)
* Re-start 'German in Three Months'

* Work 'Paradise Island cross stitch to at least 85% completion  65-70% complete
* Embroidery on cream baby knit
* Work on rose thread painting
* Finish knitting pink scarf   60-70% done  Need to measure against another scart to determine final length
* Start black chunky cardy
* Sort the sizing for my own cable jumper and get on with it
* Start on bag making tasks (backpack, knitting bag, manicure pouch)
* Finish invisible hemming pink skirt
* Get stretch knit fabrics (from winter fabric collections) for future clothes sewing projects
* Make kids' picture books out of magazine picture collection

It is, of course, just possible, that these red tasks keep getting neglected 'cos I'm not terrifically bothered about them???  Hmm, worth thinking about.  I keep asking myself how genuinely interested I am in books etc that I keep failing to read or study....  I've got rid of all the definite 'never going to open' ones and have only kept those that have a respectable chance, but I'm beginning to question the respectability of that chance after all now.  We'll see.  We'll see.

One thing I did notice was that I was definitely more faithful to my remedial neck etc exercises when they were on the goals list than when not.  I'll give myself another trial month and then they go back on.

April can only be better than March for results, right?

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Rachel said...

Yep, dismiss March, and move on, with hope, to April!

Glenis Pickering said...

I'm all for dropping a goal that no longer appeals, but we can't really do that with the go-bags...
Mine still needs the documents so it's still in the red too. One day...