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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Goals Round-up for January

So, how did I do?

Completed:  12/29
In progress:  9/17

Not terribly inspiring, but could have been worse.  A  lot worse, really!
Here's how it breaks down:

* Overhaul Sew in Love blog - new colour scheme etc and a new header and 'logo' photo/banners  Done! 
* Ditto this blog, complete with name change across all linked social media  Done!
* Blog all recent textile projects for scheduled posting  Done!
* Remove all the junk code from the 'By Age 50' page  Done!  Plus re-worked the page and made it more appropriate.

Whole section completed! ☻♥☻ Victory on this one section, at least. ☺

* Take care of neglected recycling - boxes at mum's and water filter cartridges - end month with no extra recycling on hand
* Clean the oven

Looks like this section will be going forward to the next list....

* Renew medical card  Done!
* Go to GP re feet referral etc  Done!  First appointment 1 Feb
* Finish organising the Go bag  Documents all scanned (and put in 2 cloud storage 'places')
* Morning exercises on 25 days  12/25 
* Evening exercises on 25 days  0/25
* Go to bed at 9pm on at least 20 days  14/20
* Wear eye-shadow on at least 15 days  13/15 full eyes, plus some days as liner only, so basically done
* Don't buy any sweets. (This is a little bit of a cheat as I'll be eating some at mum's, but if I don't buy any for myself, it keeps it down a bit!!)  Failed miserably on 6th, 7th...   But haven't bought any since. =)

This section is a bit mixed.  I had to give up on the exercises most of the time as I was over-tired and they wouldn't have helped.  Most days I was in bed not too long after 9pm, so I did reasonably well on that, but it could be improved.  I also had a bad sweets craving early in the month, but once I'd figured out why and dealt with it, I was OK and didn't buy any more.  

I enjoyed getting back into wearing eye-shadow more and am trying to keep it up.  Finally learned how to use primer to good effect too.  I've loved make-up since I was about 13, so it's fun to use it more and my use-up for the year is on track so far. ☻

Reading and Study
* Study 'Imitate' book ch 12
* NRSV Bible to end of 2 Chronicles (from 1 Chron 6)  Done!
* Finish reading 'Color' (starting from ch10)  Done!
* Finish reading/working 'Language Change' (starting ch3)  Done!
* Finish final re-reading of 'Learn Any Language'  In progress
* Study Discovering Science book 3 to section 10 (from 4.2)
* Work corresponding sections of GCSE revision guides (and matching workbooks) as I meet the topics:
Physics p21, 22, 23, 24, 25a, 26, 27, 58, 59
Chemistry p41, 42, 43, 44, 46
(Because a lot of this is new and I'm finding it rather hard going...)
* Read through 'Modern Chinese Beginners Course' vols 1&2, (ch21-55)  21 - 43
* Start 'Modern Chinese Beginners Course' vol 3
* Chinese vocab transfer from pile of mags   Done!
* Finally finish 'Teach Yourself German'

Same situation as always here - I get a fair amount of reading done, but study/study reading is a different matter.  I've created a daily schedule to start next week which contains a study hour first thing, then an hour to work in business ideas etc, plus a reading hour last thing at night.  Hopefully, that should see making progress on my science and language book downscale.

* Finish violet thread painting  Leaf, bud and sepals finished 
* Work on 'Paradise Island cross stitch - finish trees and sky areas  Last section of land trees in progress
* Get pink skirt altered and make a piece of decorated textile with the off- cut to make book covers etc from.  Skirt done!  Thanks Janet, mwah! Offcuts pressed, folded and stored for later use.  Done as far as I decided to go just now.
* Start winter design project.

Not so much movement here as I would have hoped.  As I want to get my needlecrafts blog back up to scratch and the great stats I used to have and build up my Instagram stream that's linked to that blog, (as both will be good for the business I hope to start this year), I should be able to crack on with these soon.  

February list should be published tomorrow.  I have an initial surgical appointment this evening, so I should know more about what and when I can go stuff afterwards.

How was your month?

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Rachel said...

You've had a more productive month than I - in fact, I feel you have got quite a bit done!