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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Goals results for February

I still have a few hours to go on this month's stuff, so I've marked the items as they should be at close of play tonight.  I would have got much more done had I not lost just under half the month to illness.  Grrr!  Anyway, here's what I did get done:

* Take care of neglected recycling - boxes at mum's and water filter cartridges - end month with no extra recycling on hand   Most stuff ready to take
* Clean the oven   Done!
* Finish the Go Bag overhaul  Did you get yours done, G??

Still have recycling on hand, but I did put it out to take on Saturday, then didn't get to go to the relevant place.  It's ready to go later this week now.

* Focusing twice daily   42/56 I didn't do it whilst ill, but otherwise did, so: Done!
* Neck and shoulder exercises on 25 days   16, pretty much every day I could, so I count that: Done!
* Go to bed at 9pm on at least 20 days  lost count, but close enough to say: Done!
* Only buy sweets twice, if at all  Bought once myself and once by Sir, so: Done!
* Continue using eye-shadow almost every day  Done!

I did well on this section, I think.  I did all I could, so I'm counting that as section completed. ☺

* Study 'Imitate' book ch 12  Done! 
* NRSV Bible Ezra to Job   Done!
* Finish final re-reading of 'Learn Any Language'  Done!
* Review 'Chinese Language - Fact and Fantasy'  Done!
* Read 'Contemporary Japan'  Done! Decided after 2+ chapters that I wasn't interested anymore
* Study Discovering Science book 3 to section 10 (from 4)  chs 4 - 6
* Work Physics GCSE revision guide & workbook pages: 21, 22, 23, 24, 25a, 26, 27, 58, 59
* Work Chemistry GCSE revision guide & workbook pages: 41, 42, 43, 44, 46
* Complete 'Modern Chinese Beginners Course' vols 1&2, (ch44-55).  Done!
* Modern Chinese Beginners Course' vol 3   2.5/20
* Chinese vocab transfer from recent mag(s) and 'Imitate' book
Finally finish 'Teach Yourself German'  Did vocab write-up from chs 14-16

I had hoped to finish with 6 books, but 4 isn't bad! I'm not far off on a 5th too and have got well on with pretty much all subjects, so given the health imposed restrictions, I'm OK with the results.  Some to carry over yet again, but I did at least make a start on them.

* Finish violet thread painting  Done!
* Work on 'Paradise Island cross stitch - finish trees and sky areas   In progress again.  Land trees and most of sky done
* Start winter design project - some artwork and charting the cross stitch design
* Finish knitting pink scarf  In progress
* Knit cream cardy for Velimirovic baby  Knitting complete (awaiting buttons and embroidery)  Done!
* Get yarns and patterns for my own knits  Done! Started one of them
* Make kids' picture books out of magazine picture collection

Passable progress.  Again, had illness not intervened, I would have cleared the two un-started items of the list, but I'll carry them over to March now.

* Make good use of the 'business hour (10:30-11:30 most days) to develop ideas etc   3
* Complete match up of all social media stuff and on-line digital declutter  Done!
* Post at least once daily on 'business' Instagram account  44 posts over every day but two, so near enough to; Done!.

The business hour didn't go very well.  To be honest, apart from a few initial ideas sort outs, I had trouble thinking how to spend it and ended up using most of the time I was even able to allocate an hour on the study items.  I did very well with Instagram postings - every day but two and I finished the streamlining of online presence stuff.  Need to give this section more thought....

So, final analysis is:

Tasks completed:  17/30
Still in progress:  8
As yet un-tackled:  5

New month, here we come!

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Rachel said...

Being ill does put a crimp on activities, but I think you've done well. The business and social media thing is always tricky. I've given it some thought and ended up finding the materials either too simplistic or just plain incomprehensible!

Glenis Pickering said...

Well done. Nope, I didn't get to my go-bag so it's moved to the March list and now it's in RED because this is its third month...