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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Why am I bothering to clean up the code?

On my January goals list is the task (which I'm working through quite quickly) to clean up the HTML code on my 'By Age 50' list.  Why am I doing this?  Seems a waste of time if it looks the same, right?

Well, it sometimes does and sometimes doesn't.  I seem to have made the mistake of copying and pasting the stuff from a former page from the front end, rather than the Compose/HTML screen.  Or something.  Anyway, it carried through a tremendous amount of extra formatting code as I'd chosen the Verdana font for the original page and the coding for this appeared on literally every single line - even the blank ones!

The other problem is that with the current version of Blogger, there's an issue with changing text colours once you've selected something different.  So, this sentence appears in green.  If I wanted to change the green before, I used to just select a different colour and that was the end of it. For a while it hasn't worked once the post/page was published and I'd have to go in and delete the green code first (although it seems better now - not sure how much redundant code it leaves, though).  Then, and only then could I get my sentence to appear in red instead.  It's a lot easier to do that on this:

than this:

Before and after clean up shots!!

Now I do a lot of colour and format changing on these lists as the tasks go into active progress, get stalled, go active again and then go back to black and get crossed out as they're either finished or dumped.  So, if I'm going to have to keep on changing colours manually through the HTML screen (thankfully, I did a basic web page creation course in Uni), I'm going to want it as clean as possible to work on.  Makes it that much easier to see.

Also, of course, is the fact that I've changed the whole blog font to one called 'Coming Soon', which reminds me a lot of my old favourite, 'Comic Sans', so I need to get rid of the Verdana font coding as I fear trying to change it to 'default font' will just result in another span code for each line.  I'm also getting rid of all the italics for book titles.

So, yes, it's a bit boring and maybe there's a better way of doing it - perhaps I should have copied the whole lot into Notepad and then re-entered it into the Compose page, but at least this is thorough and I can leave whatever formatting I do want in place.

Hasn't that enriched your day??? ☺

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Glenis Pickering said...

I'm not sure that 'enriched the day' is quite the phrase I would choose... but it has validated the cleaning, clearing and organising I've been doing on the external HDDs, where I also wondered "why bother?"
Thanks Elizabeth!

Rachel said...

Oh happy day - control codes....!