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Monday, 23 January 2017

Finally joining in 'Pan That Palette'

This is something I thought I'd never do as I don't really have much in the way of palettes since my big clear out nearly 2 years ago, but then I realised that I'd rather not have any in future and so decided to pan not only the lippies (which are well in progress, as you can see) in these 3 multi-use palettes, but also the eyeshadows.  The blushers will probably get depotted to be used up later as it takes forever to make a dint in a blusher and I'm still plugging away at one I've been on with since January 2015 - and there was only half of it left then!

The last time I tried to use up an eyeshadow palette I got fed up within a week as it was all browns and that bores me, so this should be better.  I'm going to use other stuff too, but concentrate on this mostly.  I'll be glad to not have these around too much longer - esp. as there's a bit of a problem taking them out and about for retouches given the, erm, rather risqué cover designs!  Not really the sort of thing that fits in well with my social circle... ☺

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1 comment:

Rachel said...

Multi-use palettes are a nuisance, I agree. They were very useful when I used to help with my university dancing team's makeup, but not since!