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Sunday, 1 January 2017

December Round-Up

How did my push to get productive during the last fortnight of the year go?  Have a look and see:

* Make up Xiaoqin's sampler hanging - Done!
* Finish the violets thread painting - Got back out of box ready to re-start and re-sorted the greens in preparation to complete the leaf. 
* Mount cat-a-cello - Done!
* Finish 'oriental dress' card - Done!
* Finish blue premature baby cardy knit - Done!
* Trial double stocking stitch - Done!  Even started knitting a scarf with it.
* List old winter tyres on EBay - Done!
* Take charity shop bags to Oxfam - Done!
* Deal with box recycling here and at mum's - Ours done, boxes at Mum's broken down and waiting to be cut up and put in the green bin(s).
* Finish "Rapid Literacy in Chinese" - Done! 
* Finish all reading mags in my drawer - Done! 
* DS book 3 - finish chapters 3 & 4 - Reviewed ch 2 in preparation and re-studied ch 3. Did about three quarters of chapter 4, but it's harder than I expected (physics - new to me), and I need some supplementary material. 
* Finish Part 2 of 'The China Dream' - Done! 
* Finish chapter 4 of 'In Other Words' and start chapter 5 - Done!  
Actually decided not to complete the above 2 books as I'm really not that interested. I have too many other books that I actually want to read to waste time on those that have gone off the boil for me.
* Read chapters 5, 6 & 7 of 'Color' - Done!  Got to ch 10 too!
* Finish NRSV 2 Kings and crack on with 1 Chronicles - Done!

Somehow or other, the German textbook got lost in copying over the initial list, which was one reason that I didn't get to that one after all.  Other than that, I'm really pleased with progress this month.  I didn't get back on with the violet embroidery over much, but pretty much everything else got either finished (13 out of 17) or substantially progressed (2 out of the remaining 4 - including the elusive German textbook).

Now to create January's list. How's yours looking?

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Rachel said...

It certainly looks like good progress!