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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Use-Up and Clear Out Inventory 2016

Here's the other part of the annual inventory - I decided to do a separate post for this section this year.  The headings are the same, but this one is for what went out, not what came in. 

* Books  Several boxes given to charity, friends and the local library before moving in February and others throughout the year.
Finished reading/studying about 10, 7 given away or sold (I lost count on both of these, so I need to keep closer track next year)
Collection reduced by about 55%! ☺☺

* Cosmetic Items
Finished: 1 foundation (another has 1 or 2 goes left in it), 2 mascaras, 1 lipstick, 4 lip colours, 1 lip gloss, 2 lip balms and 3 perfumes.
Sold or given away: 4 lipsticks and 4 eye shadows (3/1 still to go out) and 1 eye primer.  3 perfumes currently on eBay.

* Art & Craft Materials
7 card blanks with envelopes, although 5 of these cards haven't yet been sent to anyone.
1 piece of purple A4 card and 1 piece of extra thick white
Bag of stickers almost completely used up on eBay sales packaging etc (sold or gave away most of them before this year started)

* Needlework Supplies
Almost 1 whole 100g ball
4 remnants of DK plus one more run down to a tiny bit left for stitch samples.
Most of the ball of 6 ply red.
5 x patchwork pieces (about 1/3 of a fat quarter in size??)
Completed using up light cream cotton
Several other parts of fat quarters and remnants.
15"x15" white Oslo
6½" square white hardanger
12"x4" lilac Jobelan.
Sold: 80%+ of Oriental fabrics, all 5 fancy fabrics, several pieces of linen/evenweave (including a bundle of 7 currently on eBay and with bids).
Collection approximately halved! ☺☺
1 x Pearl Cotton #5 (1 - Bright White)
1 x pack ecru Madeira Silk
Finished up ±3 small spools of sewing thread
Sold: 115 threads (about 7% of collection), 6 packs of beads, large bag of ribbons
Most of my supplies of lightweight quilt batting and Bondaweb
All newly bought buttons, and 3 of 4 zips
3 bellpull ends/hangers

* Clothes etc
A few large bags (between the 2 of us) given to charity just before moving in February and another bag gone just yesterday.
A number of novelty bags and other personal items also went in the latest charity drop off.

* Miscellaneous
6 bottles/tubs of nutrient/herbal supplements used up, not likely to be replaced.
2 large boxes of cassette tapes thrown away on moving (also contained some videos)
1 box of possible-to-sell cassettes, CDs and DVDs donated to charity on moving.

* Domestic Items
2 large bookcases (one with glass doors), sofabed & matching armchair, fireplace and wood effect bathroom fittings given away via Freecycle on moving
Boxful of household items and ornaments donated to charity on moving.
1 bag of bedding and fabric scraps donated yesterday.

During 2017 I hope to get through a whole lot more books as 10 really isn't that many for me.  After the initial push to get stuff read in preparation to move, I lost momentum with my reading projects and really only re-gained it in the last fortnight of the year.  I need to keep this up and try and get the 460-ish books that I'm beginning the new year with down to under 400 if I can.  Onwards and downwards....

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2016

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Rachel said...

Goodness, how organised! I'm still trying to find a suitable place to give some of our due-to-leave us stuff to..

Fortunately the extra 9 books that just arrived on my tsundoku are on loan!