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Friday, 1 July 2016

Make Up Inventory - mid year count 2016

I thought I'd start doing counts every 6 months, not just annually, to help keep me focused and have more of an interim goal to work towards.  May not be terribly interesting to anyone other than me!!!

Here are the figures from the last count on 1 Jan this year, the current numbers and the current goal.

* Eye shadows (individual shades, not palettes/trios etc): Last count 64, now 60.  Haven't used any up, but put 4 more singles on one side to give away.  Unsure of goal on this one at the mo.  Originally it was 75, which I passed a while ago, but my current piece of paper says 50, a number I no longer really care about.

* Lipsticks: Last count 13, now 10. I used one up and there are 2 with the 4 single eye colours ready to be offered to a friend.  They're warm colours that no longer suit me.  Goal: 6

After a bit of working out which fell into which category:

* Lip colours (mostly liquid lipsticks or well pigmented colours in palettes): Last count 14, now 14.  Odd thing is, I used 2 up and have bought none.  Must have miscounted at some point.  Ditto with the next line!  Goal: 6-8, although my current list says 10-12.  I think that's probably too many at one go.

* Lip glosses (low pigmented colours): Last count 20, now 19, but have finished up 2 and bought none, so must have gaffed it at some point.  That's not like me as I'm normally so precise.  Hmmmmm! =(  Goal: 3 or 4 - just a clear, a clear sparkle, a golden sparkle and maybe one more.

Moving on....

* Blusher: Last count 9, now 9.  I'm plugging away day in day out at the bright pink one, with occasional use of the lilac-pink and even more sparing use of the red (all from my school days in the 80s), but no discernible progress.  This one's going to take literally decades to go all the way down!!!  Goal: 3 or 4

* Foundation: Last count 4, moved 1 to the 'Primer' category (a CC cream) and used 1 up, so now 2.  Goal: 1 or 2 I'll get a Lush Colour Supplement one day, but not until the CC primer has gone.  May also keep an all in one in stock.  We'll see.

* Powder: Last count 2, and still now 2.  Again, working away on one I remember having in high school (yes, it's still fine, although the mirror is broken), but although the dip seems to have deepened a bit, it's going to be a long job.  Goal: 1, but I'm not expecting to reach this for a few years yet.....

* Primer: Last count 1, now 2 following the re-classification of my Bourjois CC cream as a primer and not a foundation.  I'm working on this one daily one way or another.  I either mix it with the foundation I'm using up, or just with some moisturiser and use as a CC tinted moisturiser.  I like the effect of a little of this product, but it's not cruelty free, so I won't be replacing it when it's finally finished, which I estimate to happen in 2/3 more years' time.  Goal: 1 - just an eye primer, when I find one that's any good.  The E.L.F. one was a total disappointment.  I was told it was great by more than one source, but it's exactly the same as using none - I trialled it by priming one eye and not the other.  =(

* Perfumes: Last count 12, now 19.  Yes, I've bought some.  Actually, the reason for that was that I genuinely thought that Soap and Glory's Orangeasm was going off the market, but later on I found out that they were just dumping the whole tonic spray range and that the body sprays appear to be staying.  Not before I'd sourced 3 body sprays on e-bay and 1 in Boots, plus 2 tonic sprays on e-bay.  I was also given 5 old Yves Rocher perfumes by my mum in 2 different scents, so that made 11 items in. That means that I've used up 3 so far this year and I'm working on 2 more at the mo.  Goal: 6-ish

So, that's it for the last half year.  I've used up 8 things, (more if you count mascara, which I've dropped as a counting category as I reached goal) and worked intensively on another 11 so far, but with little impact, except on perfumes.  I've also been using eye shadow more often and getting a feel for what suits me better these days and what colours, combos and 'sparkliness' level I like.  That means that I may lift the No Buy on this category and get one or two carefully considered products to supplement what I have left.  Only eye shadow though and even then, only a few!

Hope to finish up my current foundation and another 5 or 6 lippies of varying types and 2 or 3 perfumes by the end of this year.  I'll still be working on the powder things too, but am not expecting anything to be finished off.

Next update: 1 Jan 2017, complete with photos.

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2016

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Rachel said...

I still have quite a bit of make-up from school and university. The wretched stuff doesn't use up as quickly as you expect, does it!