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Friday, 1 January 2016

Make Up Inventory and Project Pan update 2016

As you may remember from my Shopping Inventory post, I didn't buy any make-up beyond one eye primer, which I needed, this year, so I fulfilled my no-buy to the letter [stands up very straight and proud of self!!!]  I also sold some items, threw out others that were past it and gave away loads more, so my whole collection has decreased quite a lot over the year from this, where the back of the organiser was packed full:

To this, where the back of the organiser is empty and you can see everything except my foundation sponge:

The current photo is just missing the four small lip products loose on the dressing table top (middle right of first photo), as I forgot to get them out of my handbag.  The top picture wasn't even the whole lot at its zenith as I took it after I'd begun to do big give-aways and sales!  There were 5 more big palettes and a whole number of small ones....

Here are the current numbers, with the 'inventoried' number coming from the last post of this type back in February of last year:

* Eye shadow shades - Originally had well over 700, started the year with about 300, inventoried 103, now: 63  goal of 75 reached and passed
* Lipsticks - Inventoried: 15, now:13, goal: 6
* Lip colours (mostly highly pigmented gloss type products) - Inventoried 25, now: 14, goal: 8
* Lip glosses Inventoried: 24, now 20, goal: 3
* Blushers - Started year with 10, inventoried: 6, used up: 1, collected from mum's (my own stuff from years ago!!): 4, now: 9, goal: unsure, but no more than 4.
* Mascaras - Inventoried: 5, finished with: 3, now 2, goal reached
* Foundations (inc BB & CC) - Inventoried: 6, used up 2, now: 4, goal: 1 or 2
* Powders - Inventoried: 3, used up: 1, now: 2, goal 1
* Highlighter - Inventoried: 1, now: 0 Goal reached. I don't use it, so category to be dropped. (Ditto bronzer, eyeliner, lipliner, false lashes, nail polish, brow products.... I don't use any of these.)
* Concealer - Inventoried: 1, now: 1 goal reached
* Primers - Inventoried: 4, cleared out: 4, bought: 1, now: 1  goal reached
* Perfumes - Started year with: 26, Inventoried: 24, given by mum: 1, used up: 15, now: 12, goal: 4

So those goals are well in hand - some reached, the eyeshadow one passed and others getting closer.  Only blusher went up, but not because I bought anything new - just took back some of my old stuff that I'd given my mum many years before and she'd never used, nor is likely to now, bless her!  I've been wearing blusher a lot more over the last year and even learned to be brave enough to put more on than the tiniest dusting, so I have hopes of using all those old shades up some time before I draw my old age pension!!

Perfumery is working down particularly well and there are two more products with only a little left, once should be finished up within the week and the other a couple of weeks later, I should think.  The next two are poised ready to move into active use.

Now onto the Project Pan section, and these were the products I included in my original Project 50 Pan goal:

After selling the Chanel quad, giving away the Lancome primer and the Bourjois single eyeshadow, throwing out the two Barry M lipglosses and using up some other stuff, here's how it stands today (awful photo - I should have used flash!):

A total of only 15 items/shades actually panned or else cleared out (not including the Chanel quad and Bourjois single eyeshadow that I sold as I'd already replaced them with my handbag stuff).  Useful progress on almost everything, just not as much as I would have liked.  Still, I'm keeping going and here's what I'm working on this year:

I'd cottoned on and used the flash this time, so you can see some of the progress more clearly, although I forgot to get the lippies out of my handbag again.  There are three columns of products here, each under a Too Faced palette (of which only the lip glosses count in as I'm planning to de-pot the blushers and eyeshadows and put them in one of those nice custom palettes eventually).  The stuff on the left is what I expect to definitely finish this year.  The middle selection are shades I'll be working hard towards using up, but may not manage and the right hand lot are things that I'll be using, but only expect to have time to use some of.  It's quite hard to use up make up when you're at home most of the time!  I've also just realised that I meant to use up a Dior natural pink lippie instead of that Bourjois one, as the packaging is a mess, so please sub that in your minds. =)

I'm still on a full no-buy, except for the things I'll run out of, such as the mascaras that need replacing very soon and I may need some sort of foundation product (to be Lush's Colour Supplement in Light Pink) and possibly a clear lip gloss to help 'dilute' the lower 2 lip colours in the central Too Faced Palette and that absolutely everlasting pink lipstick pencil.  I'll finish up the clear sparkle one first though.

To be updated early 2017.

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2016

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Rachel said...

Isn't it strange how some products seem to go on for ever - however much you think you are using them!