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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Do I *actually* care about reading this?

This awful photo taken on my phone and then further decayed by editing software is of the five remaining titles in the 'Literature' section of my Read Up List, but I got to thinking yesterday about how keen I really was to read through them all.

I'd already read the prose section of the Aphra Benn collection and the first play, then realized that that was enough for me. I then picked up the Byron anthology and thought about starting in on that. It then finally sank in that I really wasn't interested in either it or the Coleridge anymore.  Sorry chaps, but I'm just not that fussed about poetry etc! I wondered why I'd even bought them and think it was at the time when I was quite into literature and wanted to have read all the major works. I've long since ceased to be bothered about that. Deciding to roll with that is quite a release!

Next I moved on to looking at the 16th and 17th century fiction anthologies. I did start the 17C one a while ago, but got so bogged down in the first story that I gave up. It was over 200 pages without any sort of break or division whatsoever and incredibly hard to follow into the bargain! Anyway, I've decided to give that volume a second chance, but to start on the second story and then try out the Elizabethan/16C one.

I also got to thinking that, as I am realistically never going to learn New Testament Greek or Biblical Hebrew (I have a huge enough challenge ahead getting through the living language texts I own), I could safely give up those volumes too. I feel certain there'll be online resources if I get back into that sometime, to say nothing of more up to date textbooks available.

So, that's another five books already shifted and two more 'de-pressured', so that I feel quite free to dump them if I find them a chore to read.  The current inventory is now down to about 484, although I haven't updated the original inventory blog page yet, and probably won't until we move.


Rachel said...

Now there's a weight off your back!

Kat said...

BBC Radio sometimes do nice audio versions of poetry, I always much prefer those to reading poems myself - and no books to clutter up anything either :)

Glenis Pickering said...

Well done! There isn't an exam on these things so who cares? Eternity isn't even long enough for some of these... :-)