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Thursday, 4 June 2015

A milestone and an oxymoron (of sorts)

And here we have the first ever blusher that I have used up completely!  I've finished a number of mascaras, a few under-eye lightening thingies, some face powders and a few lippies, but never a blusher.  Before, I've always sold or given them away long before they were finished, but this one is really and truly gone.

I bought it when I was about 21, so that means it's taken me about 22 years to use up this 2.5g product.  At this rate, I have enough blusher left in my collection to last another 330 years!!!


The oxymoron of sorts is that my Use-up list number of products keeps increasing.  No, I haven't been buying anything, but I have been getting some things that were originally mine and that she isn't going to use from my mum's place.  She also gave me two body lotions and a matching perfume spray which go with something I already have.  So, I'm helping use up her stuff too!!

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1 comment:

Rachel said...

I think my mother once had a blusher it took her thirty years to finish. So that's your next target...