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Thursday, 12 March 2015

How come?

How come, when a vegetarian is ill, tired or in some other way performing sub optimally, it's automatically their diet that's to blame? That's a serious question as it's happened to me more times than I could count. Now, I do have some health issues, but they are most definitely NOT diet related beyond that, if I were to begin to adopt the standard western diet, I would experience a sharp deterioration in my condition, no doubt at all. However, I wonder how many non-vegetarians would really believe that.  It seems to me that, deep down, they think, 'She probably would be better if she ate some meat.'

Only meat eaters get ill because of a germ, stress, over-tiredness, allergies etc. If the poorly person is vegetarian, it's certainly their diet that's to blame.  Vegetarians aren't tired because they've been overworking or they had a late night. No, no. It's because they're iron deficient.  A meat eater has a cold or 'flu because of a virus, but a vegetarian gets one because their food doesn't provide enough nutrients for strength and immune defence.  A meat eater may naturally have dry skin, or find it drying because of winter weather or menopause, but a vegetarian gets dry skin owing to essential fatty acid deficiency.  There are no other factors to consider, the vegetarian diet is undoubtedly the problem.

Today I saw a good cartoon thingummy that asked: How can someone  gain an instant degree in human nutrition? Just tell them you're vegetarian!! "You must get enough protein, dear!" "Are you taking fish oil tablets? You should, you know!" "Are you sure you aren't anaemic? You don't eat meat, so you're more likely to be!" (Actually meat eaters have been repeatedly shown to be more likely to develop both iron and vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia.)

Even more ridiculous, and just downright intolerant and prejudiced is that, if you ever point this inconsistency out or defend yourself, then you're overbearing, obsessive - fanatic! You couldn't possibly be right, you're just a bunny-cuddling fanatic.



Rachel said...

Grr, indeed.
I've met some vegans and vegetarians who bound with health, and omnivores who definitely don't - but equally, I've met reverse examples...

Elizabeth Braun said...


Kelly Palmer said...

I'm so lucky I've never heard anyone question my reasons for being ill. Great post, and not ranty at all :)

Glenis Pickering said...

Just console yourself with "Adam was a vegetarian" (No use telling "them" - just wait for them to find that one out for themselves...) :-)